Many motorcyclists appreciate the freedom of feeling the open breeze, but they also must understand the risk associated with such a hobby. Motorcycle accidents are frequent and sometimes fatal. Bikers who survive collisions with cars and other vehicles often suffer significant impairment and permanent disability.

It is crucial for anyone who sustains injuries in a motorcycle accident to contact an experienced injury attorney immediately. A Bedford County motorcycle accident lawyer could investigate the crash, communicate with the negligent parties’ insurance companies, and ensure you receive a settlement that provides fair compensation for all your accident-related injuries.

Negligent Parties that May be Responsible for a Motorcycle Wreck

In the State of Pennsylvania, a person who suffers serious injuries in a motor vehicle accident is entitled to monetary damages from the negligent parties who contributed to the crash. In many cases, careless or reckless motorists have responsibility for motorcycle wrecks.

Many motorists fail to notice motorcycles. According to the Association for Psychological Science, a motorcycle can enter a driver’s field of vision, but the driver will not see it because he or she is focused on other stimuli such as road signs, cars, and trucks. This phenomenon is called inattentional blindness and could lead to collisions if the motorist changes lanes into a biker’s path, turns in front of an oncoming motorcycle, or cuts off a bike in traffic.

Motorists could also cause motorcycle wrecks if they drive recklessly or while impaired or distracted. If a driver receives a citation after a motorcycle accident, the violation could be indicative of underlying negligence. In other cases, a proactive attorney could examine police reports, physical evidence from the crash, witness statements, and other evidence to establish a driver’s negligence caused a motorcycle accident in Bedford County.

Insurance Companies Will Scrutinize Biker’s Conduct

When a motorcyclist claims injuries after an accident, the defendant driver’s insurance company could try to blame the biker for the incident. 42 P.S. § 7102 allows a court to reduce a claimant’s damages if the claimant was partially at fault for an accident. If the claimant was 51% or more to blame, the law prevents him from collecting any damages. Thus, insurance companies have a strong incentive to place as much responsibility as possible onto the injured biker.

A seasoned legal professional in Bedford County is more likely to secure a favorable settlement if the motorcyclist was operating the motorcycle safely and responsibly when the accident happened. Bikers should observe the speed limits, ride within their skill set, avoid riding in dangerous weather, and never ride after consuming drugs or alcohol.

State law requires many riders to wear helmets. There are exceptions for bikers 21 years of age or older, who have had a license at least 2 years or who have completed an approved motorcycle safety course. However, an insurance company or a jury might consider a rider who is not wearing a helmet negligent and reduce his or her damage award accordingly.

Calculating Recoverable Damages for a Motorcycle Crash

Motorcycle accident victims are entitled to receive compensation for the losses they suffered in accidents caused by others. Economic damages compensate expenses the biker incurred, such as the cost of medical treatment and lost wages. Any expenses the biker paid because of the injury, or income they did not receive because they were hurt, could be part of the biker’s economic damages. A biker’s economic damages also could include future losses, such as ongoing medical care or reduced earning potential.

Non-economic damages compensate for the impact the injury has on the biker’s lifestyle and quality of life after the accident. Every motorcycle crash victim could recover damages for the physical pain, emotional suffering, and inconvenience. Depending on the extent of his or her injuries, a biker could seek compensation for disfigurement, disability, and lost enjoyment of life. His or her family could claim for loss of the biker’s support or companionship, and a spouse could claim loss of consortium for the detrimental effects the crash places on the marriage.

Bikers must prove his or her losses through documentary evidence, expert opinions, and testimony. A dedicated lawyer in Bedford County could help an injured motorcyclist compile the necessary proof to establish his or her damages.

Rely on a Bedford County Motorcycle Accident Attorney to Handle Your Claim

When you suffer a severe injury in a motorcycle wreck, you might need weeks or even months to regain your health. You should spend that time focusing on healing while a capable legal professional secures monetary damages from the negligent parties.

A Bedford County motorcycle accident lawyer at Marcus & Mack will fight against the insurance companies trying to deny you fair compensation. Get in touch immediately after an accident.

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