Catastrophic injuries can change the ability of individuals to work, perform daily activities, and function in ways that people often take for granted. These injuries can present considerable barriers to achieving your goals and make even the smallest tasks challenging. If others are responsible for causing you to suffer these injuries, a Western, PA catastrophic injury lawyer might be able to offer you legal assistance.

Potential damages in catastrophic injury claims may include compensation for medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, home health care assistance, and the costs of durable medical equipment. You may need to make modifications to your home and vehicle to accommodate your needs following catastrophic injuries. In these circumstances, an experienced Indiana, PA personal injury attorney may be able to help.

What Are Common Catastrophic Injuries in Indiana, PA?

Catastrophic injuries refer to significant injuries that permanently alter the lives of individuals. These injuries change an individual’s ability to function in a fundamental way, such as:

These injuries can impact physical and emotional health as individuals struggle to regain some semblance of their former lives. Returning to a previous career may be impossible, which leads to the inability of some individuals to work and support themselves or their families. The initial and future medical costs of treating these injuries also are likely to be staggering.

In this situation, injured persons may need to look to a catastrophic injury lawyer in Western PA for advice. If the negligent actions of others caused devastating injuries to individuals, they might be able to exercise their legal rights to seek compensation for their losses. By getting legal advice, potential plaintiffs explore their options for legal recourse and may then choose the path that is right for them.

What Are the Top Causes of Catastrophic Injuries?

Catastrophic injuries can result from many different situations that others cause through their negligent or reckless conduct. Unfortunately, these accidents occur daily, usually when people least expect it. Some of the most common causes of these injuries can include:

When others are responsible for devastating injuries, potential plaintiffs may be able to hold them accountable for their actions through the personal injury claims process. In this situation, a skilled Indiana, PA catastrophic injury attorney may be able to provide much-needed advice and guidance.

How Can One Recover Damages in a Catastrophic Injury Claim?

When catastrophic injuries occur, others may be responsible for causing those injuries. For instance, catastrophic injuries can result from involvement in an accident with a drunk driver or an accident caused by the malfunction of a defective product. In these situations, individuals may have a cause of action for compensation for their injuries from all potentially responsible parties.

Legal counsel may be able to negotiate with the insurance companies for liable parties and accumulate evidence to support a claim based on negligence. Negotiations can result in a settlement amount that may help compensate plaintiffs for their losses related to their injuries. If a settlement is not feasible, then the case can proceed to trial to seek a damages award from a jury.

Can a Claimant Improve Their Chance for Recovery?

It is important to know that anything a claimant posts on social media may be used against them in the case. A Western PA lawyer might ask a victim to avoid posting about the accident or their catastrophic injuries regardless of whether they are written posts or photos. Posts on social media can be taken out of context or misconstrued and could be admissible in court.

An injured person should continue getting medical treatment because that promotes healing and also serves to document the extent of an injury. They should also avoid talking to insurance companies because those companies try to pay out as little as possible on claims. If the injured person is talking to the insurance company without the help of a lawyer, there is the risk of an unfair settlement.

Consult a Pennsylvania Catastrophic Injury Attorney Today

The aftermath of an accident resulting in catastrophic injuries can be stressful, emotional, and painful. By placing your trust in an Indiana, PA catastrophic injury lawyer at Marcus & Mack, you may be able to hold negligent persons accountable for their behavior and recover compensation to cover current and future medical treatment and care. Contact us to speak with a skilled personal injury attorney and learn about your options.

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