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Some injuries can happen by pure accident – that is, through no fault of another person. However, many severe injuries aren’t necessarily the result of a simple unfortunate occurrence. Through the law, society enshrines the standards of conduct by which individuals and commercial enterprises must abide to help promote a civilization that functions based on consideration for the safety of others.

However, studies have shown that most people typically shy away from enlisting professional legal assistance to help them obtain an appropriate monetary award as compensation for their injuries. Whether it’s a fear of appearing “litigious” or a lack of faith in the justice system, people tend to avoid litigation. However, injured persons are nevertheless needlessly burdened by spending their own hard-earned money on expenses for which the at-fault party should be paying.

If you or one of your loved ones have been injured due to the careless actions of another individual or entity, you are entitled to recover monetary compensation for your losses. Don’t shoulder the burden of dealing with medical expenses and other financial losses by yourself. The civil justice system exists to help injured victims like you. At Marcus & Mack, our legal team has more than 100 years of collective legal experience in personal injury litigation. From work injuries, automobile accidents, and wrongful death cases, we are committed to providing you and your family with compassionate legal services that focuses on results.

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Personal injury cases usually involve negligently inflicted harms. Under principles of negligence, people have a general duty to exercise proper care to avoid causing unnecessary injuries to others. When an individual or legal entity – such as a corporation, LLC, or partnership – breaches their duty to keep people free from avoidable, foreseeable injuries, they are liable to compensate the victim for any injuries they suffer as a result of that breach.

Under Pennsylvania law, personal injury cases must generally be filed within 2 years after the date of the injury. At Marcus & Mack, we understand that each client has a story to tell. We know how to tie together what appears to only be technical details and unrelated facts into a compassionate narrative that focuses on the human element of your story. We also sympathize with the financial burdens our clients go through. That’s why we won’t charge a cent in attorney’s fees until we recover an appropriate settlement or jury award for your losses.

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Remember, you have a legal right to pursue a civil action against those responsible for your injuries. Your case is not about making profit – it’s about holding those who are at fault for your condition accountable by having them compensate you for the financial burden of your injuries. At Marcus & Mack, our Altoona personal injury lawyers in have the experience and sophisticated understanding of Pennsylvania personal injury law to help you find just compensation for your suffering.

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