While dogs can be friendly and lovable companions for all ages, they can also be extremely dangerous if they are not trained and socialized properly. Even a bite from a smaller dog can leave deep lacerations that may get seriously infected, and the jaws of larger dog breeds are often strong enough to tear through muscle and even shatter bones.

If you suffered any kind of injury because another person’s dog bit you, you may have different options for financial recovery based on how the bite happened and how severe your injuries are, all of which a Bedford County dog bite lawyer could help you explore. Whether you just need reimbursement for short-term medical bills or need to recover for life-altering scarring and trauma, a committed personal injury attorney’s assistance could prove vital to getting a positive result from your case.

Are Dog Owners Strictly Liable for Bites?

Dog owners have a basic duty to prevent his or her dogs from biting and injuring other people.  This generally requires showing that the owner knew or should have known that the dog had dangerous propensities, such as prior attacks, growling, showing its teeth, or other aggressive behaviors.  This can be proven through testimony of those familiar with the dog, such as neighbors, mail carriers, or others in the area.  A victim might not be able to make a claim if he or she provoked the dog, acted aggressively towards the dog’s owner, or was trespassing on the owner’s property.

Establishing Fault for Other Losses

To hold a dog owner liable for other damages related to a dog bite injury, the bitten person must show that owner was legally negligent in some way. This typically means proving that said owner was aware based on past experiences that his or her dog could be vicious and cause injury to other people, but did not take reasonable action to keep that dog under control based on that knowledge.  It could also involve showing that the owner provided inadequate training or socialization opportunities for the dog.

Proving negligence in this way could allow recovery for various of economic and non-economic losses, including:

  • Lost work income;
  • Lost ability to work;
  • Lost enjoyment/quality of life;
  • Physical pain and suffering;
  • Emotional trauma; and
  • Personal property damage.

A proactive dog bite lawyer in Bedford County could play a vital role in obtaining comprehensive recovery through a claim of this nature, as well as in compiling and filing a strong claim within the two-year filing deadline set under Pennsylvania state law.

Discuss Your Case with a Bedford County Dog Bite Attorney

Injuries caused by aggressive dogs can leave lasting physical, financial, and emotional scars—especially if they end up impacting young children or elderly adults. No matter how a bite happens or who is affected by it, though, it can be crucial as someone injured in this way to understand your rights under Pennsylvania law and how best to proactively enforce them.

Assistance from a Bedford County dog bite lawyer could make a huge difference in your ability to obtain the monetary damages you need for the harm you should not have sustained. Call Marcus & Mack today to learn more.

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