People can get hurt in many circumstances in DuBois, Pennsylvania. From slipping and falling on someone else’s property to vehicle collisions and other acts of negligence or wrongdoing, an accident can leave you with severe injuries that require extensive medical treatment.

Not only do you have to deal with your physical pain, but you likely also have mounting medical bills along with lost income from taking time off work to recover. This can create considerable financial hardships for you and your family.

Fortunately, you may have options for obtaining compensation for your injuries if another person or entity caused them. A DuBois personal injury lawyer from Marcus & Mack could help you file an injury claim and provide advocacy and support throughout the claims process. Contact us today for a free consultation.

What Types of DuBois Personal Injury Claims Do You Handle?

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At Marcus & Mack, we have a dedicated team of highly experienced attorneys who handle many different types of personal injury claims, including:

We handle other types of personal injury claims as well. Reach out to us to discuss your case at no cost if you believe someone else’s carelessness or recklessness caused you harm or killed a close family member.

How Can Marcus & Mack Help with My DuBois Personal Injury Claim?

As an established personal injury law firm in DuBois, Marcus & Mack has served our Pennsylvania communities for nearly 50 years. During that time, we have recovered millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for our clients, and we have earned a reputation for excellence, integrity, and unmatched legal service.

Here are some ways we can help with your DuBois personal injury claim:

  • Free Consultation: Our personal injury attorneys provide a free initial consultation to assess the merits of your case and determine if they can help you.
  • Investigation: We will conduct a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding your injury, gathering evidence and obtaining relevant documents.
  • Legal Advice: Our personal injury lawyers can provide legal advice tailored to your specific situation, explaining your rights and the legal options available to you.
  • Communication with Insurance Companies: We can handle communications with insurance companies on your behalf, negotiating for fair and just compensation.
  • Settlement Negotiations: Our lawyers can negotiate with the insurance company to reach a fair settlement. If successful, this can help you avoid a lengthy court process.
  • Representation in Court: If a settlement cannot be reached, we can file a lawsuit for you and represent you in court, presenting your case before a judge and jury.
  • Maximizing Compensation: Our personal injury attorneys aim to help you obtain maximum compensation for your injuries and losses. Take a look at some of our past case results but understand these results don’t guarantee an outcome in your case.

Additionally, our lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. You won’t pay us anything upfront for us to handle your claim or lawsuit, and we only accept attorney fees if we win your case.

You can rely on us for compassionate, personalized representation and dedicated support during every stage of the process. We are proud to have received so many top reviews from our satisfied clients that speak to our commitment to helping people during some of the most difficult and uncertain times in their lives.

To find out more about how Marcus & Mack can handle your DuBois personal injury claim and increase your chances of securing full compensation from the at-fault party, call our law office today at (724) 717-2137 or contact us online to request a no-cost case evaluation.

Characterizing Liability in a DuBois Personal Injury Claim

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There are three main categories of injury claims in DuBois: intentional torts, negligence, and strict liability. These categories have different requirements that must be met to recover compensation from the at-fault person.

Intentional Torts

Intentional torts are injuries inflicted by someone deliberately. For example, a physical altercation on the street is an intentional tort because the attacker intended to cause harm. A victim must prove that the defendant caused the injuries purposefully or had knowledge that his or her actions could result in injury.


Negligence is an injury claim that arises when another causes injuries through careless actions, such as driving too fast or failing to adequately care for his or her property.

A negligence claim requires proving that the defendant owed a legal duty to the plaintiff, breached that duty by failing to act reasonably under the circumstances, and caused harm as a result.  The plaintiff has the burden of gathering evidence to prove his or her claim.

Strict Liability

Strict liability is limited to defective product claims. Under these circumstances, the court may hold a defendant responsible for an injury where a product was defectively manufactured or designed and caused injuries as a result.

If a plaintiff can prove a defendant is responsible for the injuries, they could potentially recover financial compensation. This compensation could help a victim cover medical bills, lost wages, and even compensate them for pain and suffering.

A skilled DuBois lawyer experienced with personal injury claims could analyze the facts of a particular case and help determine which legal theory will increase the likelihood of success.

What’s the Process for Obtaining Compensation for DuBois Personal Injuries?

The process for obtaining compensation for personal injuries in DuBois involves several key steps:

  • Get Medical Attention for Your Injuries: You must seek medical attention as soon as possible for your injuries. Not only will this safeguard your health and well-being, but it will create a record of your injuries and treatment to support your claim.
  • Document the Incident: If possible, gather information and evidence at the scene. This may include taking photos, getting contact information from witnesses, and collecting any relevant documents or records.
  • Report the Incident: Report the incident to the relevant authorities or property owner, depending on the nature of the accident. For example, report a car accident to the police, or a slip and fall incident to the property owner.
  • Preserve Evidence: Keep any evidence related to your case, such as medical records, bills, photographs, and any other relevant documentation. This will be crucial in establishing the extent of your injuries and the damages you’ve suffered.
  • Consult a Personal Injury Attorney: Reach out to a personal injury attorney at Marcus & Mack for a free consultation. We can assess the merits of your case, explain your legal rights, and guide you on the appropriate steps. As stated previously, we can investigate the injury-causing event, gather evidence, and file an injury claim or lawsuit for you. You can count on us to be steadfast legal advocates for you and your family and work diligently to maximize your financial recovery.

Will I Have to Take My DuBois Personal Injury Case to Court?

Probably not. Most personal injury cases are settled outside of court through negotiations.

Still, there are times when you may need to take your case to trial, such as:

  • The insurance company refuses to offer a fair settlement.
  • There is a dispute about liability or fault.
  • The insurance company denies your valid claim unjustly.
  • The insurance company acts in bad faith regarding your claim.

Other scenarios may necessitate taking your case to court. Your attorney will work with you to determine the most appropriate course of action based on the circumstances of your case.

What Is the Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Lawsuits in DuBois?

DuBois residents considering litigation for their personal injury case should be aware of the deadline for filing a personal injury lawsuit in court. Under Pennsylvania’s statute of limitations, you have only two years from the date of your injury to file suit in civil court to seek damages.

If you fail to meet this deadline and don’t have an attorney file suit for you, then the court could permanently dismiss your case. Keep in mind that insurance companies may have their own deadlines for filing an injury claim with them. Also, claims against government entities typically have far shorter deadlines.

A knowledgeable Dubois personal injury attorney from Marcus & Mack could help you file your injury claims within the state’s statute of limitations or any other deadlines that apply to your case.

Consult a DuBois Personal Injury Attorney Today

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Following a personal injury in DuBois, you could be struggling with serious physical and emotional pain. Recovery could result in extensive medical bills that could last long after you sustained the injury.

Catastrophic injuries may require long-term care and rehabilitation. You need to ensure you receive compensation not only for your current medical expenses but for future medical expenses as well.

A DuBois personal injury lawyer at Marcus & Mack could help you seek damages from the at-fault party. These could include compensation for medical bills and lost wages along with pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of consortium, and more.

Our skilled legal team can analyze the facts of your case to determine which legal theory or theories might apply. Moreover, a knowledgeable attorney could help gather the evidence needed for your claim and file within any applicable deadlines.

You do not have to face this ordeal alone. Contact us today at (724) 717-2137 to request a free consultation and discover why we’re the right choice to handle your DuBois personal injury claim.

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