No matter what type of retail operation you buy it from, you have a right to expect products you purchase will work as advertised and be safe to use as directed for their intended functions. Unfortunately, far too many manufacturers play fast and loose with the safety of consumers, as evidenced by the number of recall notices issued each year and the number of serious injuries those products often cause before being recalled.

Holding a product manufacturer legally liable for harm caused by a dangerous product it made and sold works a bit differently from other types of personal injury litigation, as a seasoned personal injury attorney could explain. If you want the best chances of securing a favorable result from a case like this, speaking with a Bedford County defective products lawyer should be your top priority.

What Losses Could Be Recoverable?

In some ways, defective product litigation works the same way as other personal injury litigation, most notably in the type of losses for which a victim can seek compensation. Both economic and non-economic losses—as well as past and future losses relative to when the case begins—may be “compensable” through a settlement or civil verdict, including:

  • All medical expenses related to injuries caused by a harmful product;
  • Lost work income and/or diminished future earning capacity;
  • Physical pain and discomfort from injuries;
  • Psychological trauma and distress; and
  • Lost enjoyment/quality of life.

Importantly, state law requires that someone injured by a dangerous consumer product start any lawsuit within two years of sustaining the injury.. Support from an experienced Bedford County defective products attorney could be vital to building a strong and comprehensive claim within applicable time limits.  Particularly in cases against corporations, it is important to get started sooner rather than later, because each and every responsible company must be properly identified and sued within this two-year period.  This may include distributors or retailers that sold the product.  In some situations, there may be parent companies, subsidiaries, partnerships, and other types of complicated arrangements that can be difficult to identify without conducting some discovery once the lawsuit is filed.  The sooner you get started, the greater the likelihood of success.

Proving a Manufacturer “Strictly Liable” for Injuries

Where product liability claims often differ greatly from standard personal injury litigation is the legal theory most such cases are built around. While it is possible to file suit against a product manufacturer based on traditional negligence, it is much more common to build claims of this nature around “strict liability”—in other words, proving that a particular type of defect existed when the product left its manufacturer’s direct control, and that the manufacturer is automatically liable for any harm that defect directly causes to a consumer who was using the product reasonably.

There are three types of product defect claims:

  • Problems with the product’s core design;
  • Errors made during its manufacture and/or assembly process; and
  • Failure by the manufacturer to include sufficiently detailed instructions for how to use the product safely and/or warnings about what hazards might be associated with product use.

As a well-practiced product liability lawyer in Bedford County could explain, certain “defects” require additional evidence to build a successful claim. For instance, someone trying to sue over a design defect must prove not just that the defect existed, but also that there were alternative designs that were safer.

Discuss Legal Options with a Bedford County Defective Products Attorney

Product liability litigation can be difficult for anyone to pursue in a proactive way, particularly while dealing with serious physical injuries and the financial and personal losses that may stem from them. Fortunately, you can significantly boost your odds of securing a favorable case result by seeking help from proactive legal counsel.

A Bedford County defective products lawyer at Marcus & Mack could be the loyal ally you need to obtain the monetary damages you deserve. Learn more by calling today.

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