Traffic collisions are the number one cause of serious injuries in the United States out of all other types of accidents. Sadly, many of those wrecks only happen because of negligence by one or more people involved.

If a reckless or careless driver caused you physical harm, you could pursue a civil lawsuit or settlement demand with the assistance of a seasoned personal injury attorney. With guidance from a knowledgeable Bedford County car accident lawyer, you have much a better chance of securing a favorable case resolution without putting additional stress on yourself or your loved ones.

Establishing Fault for Specific Car Wreck Damages

Regardless of what sort of vehicle they are driving, every person who travels on public Pennsylvania roads assumes a “duty” under state law to act responsibly and reasonably at all times. This includes not only obeying traffic laws, but also staying focused on the road as well as reacting in rational ways to any unexpected hazards.

A person who violates this duty and directly causes an otherwise-avoidable crash to occur can be held financially accountable for any injuries and losses caused by the incident, as they have met all the criteria necessary to be considered legally “negligent.” Someone found at fault for a wreck based on negligence may be liable for both economic and non-economic forms of harm, including:

  • Past and future medical bills;
  • Vehicle and other personal property damage, plus related costs like rental car fees;
  • Missed income from work and/or diminished future earning capacity;
  • Physical, emotional, and psychological pain and suffering; and
  • Long-term loss of enjoyment/quality of life.

However, 42 P.S. § 7102 allows courts to assign shares of total fault to injured plaintiffs if they are partly to blame for his or her own losses—for example, because they too committed a traffic violation or were distracted behind the wheel. Representation from a skilled Bedford County car accident attorney could be crucial to fighting back against allegations of “comparative fault” and ensuring they do not result in a reduction in available compensation or in a case being thrown out altogether.

Filing Deadlines for Motor Vehicle Collision Litigation

There are generally no hard deadlines set for submitting insurance claims after car accidents in Pennsylvania, although it is almost always best to get the process started as quickly as possible. Conversely, there is a strict deadline under state law for how long a car crash victim has to file a lawsuit as a result of an auto collision.

Specifically, 42 P.S. § 5524 allows most prospective plaintiffs a maximum of two years after sustaining injury to actually submit a complaint to the court. There are some exceptions, such as for minors – whose two-year clock begins to run on their 18th birthday.  This time period can pass deceptively quickly, especially while dealing with severe injuries and personal losses, so contacting a proactive and qualified lawyer is another action that should be taken quickly after any car accident in Bedford County.

A Bedford County Car Accident Attorney Could Help You File a Claim

Motor vehicle collisions can cause serious and potentially devastating injuries even at deceptively low speeds; thus, anyone who causes one by acting in an irresponsible way should be held accountable for his or her misconduct. Without a seasoned legal professional’s guidance, you may have trouble obtaining fair compensation from your insurance negotiations and/or civil claim, let alone the full amount you deserve for your damages.

A dedicated Bedford County car accident lawyer from Marcus & Mack could be your lifeline throughout every stage of the recovery process, working diligently to ensure you get the best final resolution possible. Learn more by calling today.

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