While “accidents happen” is a common saying, the truth is they often can be avoided when people act in a reasonable and responsible way around others. Unfortunately, there are countless examples of people behaving unreasonably and irresponsibly around Pennsylvania every day, and many of those people cause accidents that have dire physical, financial, and personal consequences for those involved.

If another person’s reckless or careless conduct has directly led to you suffering any kind of physical injury, you should consider speaking with an experienced attorney about the possibility of civil litigation. State law allows you to demand fair financial compensation for any harm someone else causes you through his or her own negligence, and assistance from a skilled Bedford County personal injury could be vital to making the most of this sort of claim.

What Counts as Grounds for a Personal Injury Claim?

Almost all successful personal injury claims in Pennsylvania are built around “negligence.” In other words, suing over an accidental injury means establishing that someone was reckless or careless in a way that violated a duty of care he or she owed to another person. Then a plaintiff must prove that the defendant’s misconduct was the direct cause of an accident resulting in compensable damages.

Various circumstances could give rise to this type of litigation, from auto accidents to dangerous property conditions to professional misconduct by a doctor or medical specialist. Importantly, not everyone owes the same “duty” to everyone else in every situation, and what counts as legally actionable negligence in one scenario might not impose any liability on someone in another.

Furthermore, an injured accident victim can be assigned a portion of blame for his or her damages—and be subject to a proportional reduction in available compensation based on that percentage of fault—if he or she was also negligent in some way. Guidance from a capable Bedford County personal injury attorney can be key not just to establishing someone else’s fault for an accident, but also to disproving allegations of fault made against the plaintiff filing suit.

Recovering for All Available Damages

A comprehensive personal injury settlement demand or lawsuit can and should account for both economic and non-economic repercussions of the injury in question, as well as both past and future damages relative to when the litigation process actually starts. Specific losses included in these cases include:

  • Emergency medical expenses, plus costs of future care;
  • Lost earning capacity and/or income;
  • Personal property damage/loss;
  • Out-of-pocket expenses, like rental car fees after a traffic accident;
  • Lost enjoyment/quality of life;
  • Physical pain and discomfort; and
  • Emotional/psychological distress.

A knowledgeable personal injury lawyer in Bedford County could discuss what damages might be compensable for a particular person during a private consultation.

Get in Touch with a Bedford County Personal Injury Attorney Today

If you are currently dealing with severe physical, financial, or personal losses because of another person’s irresponsible actions, you might have grounds to demand fair financial compensation with help from dedicated legal counsel.

A conversation with a Bedford County personal injury lawyer at Marcus & Mack could be an essential first step down the road to effective recovery. Call today to set up a meeting.

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