When most people think about the injuries they may suffer following an accident, they imagine broken bones, concussions, or even paralysis. However, burns are another common consequence of the failures of others to act properly and safely. While many of these injuries are relatively minor, burns have the potential to result in permanent losses that force you to make major changes to your present and future.

A Bedford County burn injury lawyer is prepared to help you take the necessary steps to seek fair monetary damages following a burn. Our proactive catastrophic injury attorneys could evaluate the severity of your injury, obtain evidence needed to prove another party’s fault, and demand appropriate payments through insurance settlements and lawsuits.

Common Causes of Burns

The most common cause of a burn injury is exposure to direct flames or other extreme heat sources. These can result from car accidents, malfunctioning kitchen equipment, or failing heaters. However, burns may also result from exposure to other hazards. For example, an individual visiting construction sites or other industrial locations may endure harm from toxic chemical or acid exposure. A person in a hospital or another medical setting may suffer burns from radiation. A skilled Bedford County burn injury attorney works to connect a victim’s injuries to a defendant’s inability to keep them safe.

The Severity Levels of Burns

Not all burns are equal in medical science or in the eyes of the law. The harsher the burn, the more extensive medical care will be necessary. Identifying the severity of a burn, and the level of care that the victim will need, can help determine the amount of compensation that may be available to victims.

First-Degree Burns

First-degree burns are the least serious. A person who suffers a first-degree burn will likely make a full recovery with minimal medical care. However, these burns can still be very painful and could result in permanent scarring.

Second-Degree Burns

Second-degree burns are much more painful. Here, the heat destroys a person’s skin and can cause nerve damage. Surgery is often needed to help a second-degree burn victim fully recover and can result in permanent loss of function or sensation in the affected area.

Third-Degree Burns

The most severe burns are those of the third-degree. In these situations, the flesh in the area completely melts away, often exposing the bones or internal organs. These burns that affect a significant portion of a person’s body are catastrophic injuries from which they will likely never fully recover. A diligent burn injury lawyer in Bedford County works to determine the full impact of an injury on a person’s life and demands that liable parties provide proper payment.

When Is Another Party Liable for a Burn?

The fact that an accident results in a burn injury is incidental to proving another party’s fault. As long as a victim can show that another was negligent in allowing a serious burn to occur, they can collect full compensation for his or her losses.

A dedicated legal professional could pursue a burn injury claim under various legal theories, such as:

In each version of a burn injury case, there is a limited time following an injury to seek monetary damages. For most people, 42 P.S. § 5524 sets this time limit at two years from the date of the accident. Speaking with a capable attorney today could help a burn victim file suit within this essential time limit.

Reach Out to a Bedford County Burn Injury Attorney Immediately

Burns can occur after many kinds of accidents—exposure to extreme heat, friction, harsh chemicals, and radiation are only a few examples of dangers that can result in these severe injuries. When you suffer a burn injury, you deserve the compensation necessary to make your best recovery, including payments for medical care, missing income, and lost quality of life.

Contact a Bedford County burn injury lawyer at Marcus & Mack now. Our experienced attorneys are ready to demand that liable parties provide the monetary damages you need to move forward with your life. Schedule your initial consultation today.

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