A rollover accident occurs when the side of a truck ends up on the ground or flipped over. A sudden change in movement or speed can be contributing factors in causing a trip to flip, roll, or topple.

Rollover truck accidents can cause dangerous accidents for a number of reasons. Any vehicle that is driving next to a truck as it flips could collide with or fall beneath the trailer, causing serious injuries. In addition, a flipped tractor-trailer will often block several lanes of fast-moving highway, causing a dangerous chain reaction of collisions.

If you have been injured due to a flipped commercial vehicle, consider reaching out to a Western PA rollover truck accident lawyer for help pursuing compensation. A Western PA truck wreck attorney could work to protect your interests and hold negligent parties accountable.

Common Causes of Truck Rollovers

Common causes of rollover accidents include winding roads and a frequent elevation changes. Anytime a truck driver is going too fast or not negotiating a curve properly, the truck can end up on its side. This is especially true on Western PA’s rural highways.

Trucks are also more susceptible to rolling over if their cargo unexpectedly shifts from one side to another. When they are hauling cargo, it makes them even more top-heavy, and even a slight bump or tap could cause an overweight/overloaded truck to flip. Truck operators have a responsibility to load cargo holds safely and effectively to minimize the possibility of a rollover.

Speed can also play a role in rollover accidents. If a trucker is driving too fast around a curve, the moving force of the vehicle can cause a rollover if the turn is not handled properly

How to Avoid a Truck Rollover Accident

Drivers can avoid becoming involved in rollover accidents by being mindful of the conditions. What is the weather? What is the visibility? Is it clear? Is it cloudy? Is it raining? Anytime there is reduced visibility, drivers should be aware. A driver should also be mindful of road conditions. Anything that comes between the tire and the asphalt or the pavement is a potential hazard, because it is going to affect the tires’ ability to grab on to the road.

They should also be mindful of other traffic. Where are the other vehicles? What are they doing? How fast are they going? Keeping as much space as possible between vehicles can be helpful if something unexpected happens. The greater stopping distance, the better the chance of avoiding an accident. Finally, drivers should minimize distractions and not use their phones, electronics, or anything that can take their attention from the road and their hands from the wheel.

Hiring a Western PA Rollover Truck Accident Attorney

A Western PA rollover truck accident lawyer could help plaintiffs recover compensation by gathering the medical evidence, the records, and the reports needed to establish both the existence of damages and the negligence of the defendant truck operator. If you have been injured by a flipped commercial truck, do not hesitate to contact us to speak with experienced legal professionals. The attorneys at Marcus & Mack Law Firm are ready to fight for you and your financial interests.

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