An important part of successfully operating a truck is maintaining the truck’s weight and cargo load at a safe and acceptable level. Overweight or overloaded trucks could be difficult to control and could, therefore, cause serious accidents. If you have been involved in a collision with an improperly loaded commercial vehicle, a Western PA overweight/overloaded truck accident lawyer could help you recover compensation. Contact a truck accident attorney today for help.

Federally Regulated Maximum Weight

The federally regulated maximum weight for trucks on Pennsylvania roads is 80,000 pounds. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration implements regulations that apply to trucks nationwide.

Even trucks that are under the federal maximum weight could still be overloaded. The difference between a truck that is too heavy and a truck that meets acceptable standards for weight but is carrying too much cargo is that a truck could be within the permitted weight as defined by the regulations but still too heavy for where it was going or what it was carrying in a particular situation. A driver should use judgment to account for things like a windy road or a particular type of load.

Massive vehicles on the roadway—weighing about 40 tons—moving at a very high rate of speed can cause severe injuries an accident. An 80,000-pound truck traveling even at 55 miles an hour has covered the length of a football field in four seconds. Something that big and that heavy moving that fast has an incredible force going down the road every day. Large trucks cannot stop on a dime, so weight, speed, and attentiveness are all important to preventing accidents.

Common Injuries from Overloaded Truck Accidents

As a result of being in an accident with an overweight or overloaded truck, a person can suffer neck, back, or head injuries. There can also be orthopedic injuries to arms, legs, shoulders, elbows, and knees as a result of impacting the sides of the vehicle. Even if someone is using a seatbelt, the force of a truck impact could cause serious injury. A personal injury lawyer could help document medical injuries and associated costs as part of a personal injury claim.

Establishing Liability

In accidents that occur due to overweight or overloaded trucks, a number of different entities could be liable.  The liable party could be the trucking company that owns the truck and has it out there on the roadway. It could also be the driver operating the vehicle that is not in compliance. There might be a subcontractor that is driving for the company who is appointed by a different company to haul the load. An experienced Western PA overweight/overloaded truck accident lawyer could work to determine who is most at-fault for a particular accident and file a claim to hold them accountable.

Contacting an Overweight/Overloaded Truck Accident Attorney

A collision with an overloaded truck on Western PA’s back roads could be devastating. If you have suffered injuries in such an accident, you need experienced legal representation. A Western PA overweight/overloaded truck accident lawyer could help you hold trucking companies accountable and recover compensation for your medical treatment and lost income. Contact us to speak with an attorney today.

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