Western Pennsylvania’s geographic location is susceptible to the effects of bad weather. There is a joke in Pennsylvania: there are two seasons—winter and construction. All the snow, ice, and rain common to the area certainly has an impact on the roads, causing reduced traction for every type of vehicle.

Bad weather could lead to a serious auto accident, especially for large commercial trucks. If you are injured in such a collision, a Western, PA truck accidents involving bad weather lawyer could help you pursue compensation. A dedicated Indiana truck accident attorney could also help to explain your rights and legal options.

Warning Signs of Bad Weather

Some warning signs that a driver might notice before a weather-related truck accident include signs of disturbances on the roadway, including snow, ice, wetness, leaves, or other hazards.  One must also be mindful of the temperature, particularly when it is around the freezing mark of 32 degrees, because water turns into ice.

Pennsylvania is also a very hilly area, so there are a lot of elevation changes going uphill and downhill, which can further reduce visibility and may cause trucks to lose control in slippery conditions. Drivers should be particularly watchful when driving near trucks in inclement weather.

How Does Dangerous Weather Affect Fault in a Truck Accident Case?

Dangerous weather do not eliminate fault in a truck accident. A driver is expected to drive in an appropriate manner for the given moment, given traffic, visibility, and road conditions. Even in a 55 mph zone, for example, it may be more appropriate to drive at 40 mph depending on the conditions of the road surface. The weather is not scapegoat for liability, and if a trucker is still careless based on their reaction to the weather, they could be liable for the accident.

Recoverable Damages

The recoverable truck accident damages that may be sought by a person involved in a dangerous weather  accident are the same economic and non-economic damages in any negligence case. Medical bills, lost wages, future diminished earning capacity, any liens asserted by health insurance companies, pain and suffering, embarrassment, inconvenience, and loss of life’s pleasures are all recoverable damages. A bad weather truck accident lawyer in the Indiana area could help recover those damages from a negligent trucking company or operator.

What Should a Person Do After a Truck Accident?

After being involved in a truck accident triggered by severe conditions in Pennsylvania, an injured driver should preserve all potential evidence, including video, photos, and black boxes. They should also document what the weather was like at the time of the accident? How precipitation much was there? What was the temperature? When did the precipitation start? When did it end? All of these things may be relevant to a personal injury lawyer who is helping you pursue your claim.

Contact a Western PA Truck Accidents Involving Bad Weather Attorney

If you have been injured by a truck in inclement weather, you need an experienced attorney on your side. Contact us to speak to a Western PA truck accidents involving bad weather lawyer. An attorney could collect and preserve evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, and protect your financial interests to the fullest extent possible.

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