Trucks, and particularly tractor-trailers, are the largest and most unwieldy vehicles on the roads in Western PA. By virtue of their height and length, trucks have large blind spots that restrict the driver’s field of vision. While even small economy cars have blind spots, the blind spots on an 18-wheeler could be substantial.

Due to the inherent danger that these blind spots pose, trucks need to have the requisite safety equipment like mirrors and backup alarms. Still, truck accidents do happen, and they can result in serious injuries. If you have been hurt due to a truck driver’s restricted field of vision, a Western PA blind spot truck accident lawyer could help you pursue compensation for your medical bills and other associated costs.

The most common effects of a blind spot truck accident include neck, back, and head injuries and damage to vehicles, for which a Western PA truck collision attorney could seek compensation on your behalf.

Common Fact Patterns

The most common locations for blind spot truck accidents to occur in Indiana are parking lots and anytime there is a two-lane road and a trucker is changing lanes. In parking lots, trucks may need to back up, make K-turns, and complete other tight, technical maneuvers without a lot of visibility. Pedestrians and small vehicles nearby could go unnoticed by a truck operator under such cramped conditions.

On multi-lane roads, a truck may not see an adjacent car that is in its blind spot and may merge into an occupied lane. An improper merge could force another driver off the road, into oncoming traffic, or into an obstacle like a guard rail or median. An experienced attorney who has familiarity with these common fact patterns could effectively push an insurance company for a settlement.

Attributing Negligence in a Blind Spot Truck Accident

In many blind spot truck accidents, the defense lawyer for the at-fault vehicle will attempt to put some amount of blame on the plaintiff. The defense attorney may argue, for example, that warning signs on the back and side of a truck urge drivers to avoid unsafe behavior while in the truck’s marked blind spots. Similarly, they may argue that a plaintiff should not have been so close to a truck that was backing up in a parking lot. Neither of these points are sufficient to deny a liability claim. A Western PA blind spot truck accident lawyer could counter any claims of contributive negligence and work to maintain a plaintiff’s full compensation award.

If the driver of the car is found by a jury to have been the partial cause of the accident, they can receive damages based on the comparative negligence standard. The awarded compensation would then depend on how much of the overall fault is attributable to the plaintiff versus how much is attributable to the defendant. Ultimately, the plaintiff can recover the full amount of their damages reduced by whatever portion that they are at fault.

Contact a Western PA Blind Spot Truck Accident Lawyer

The limited field of vision for drivers of large commercial trucks could lead to serious accidents. If you have been injured – either as a driver or a pedestrian – as the result of a blind spot collision, you have the right to pursue compensation. A Western PA blind spot truck accident lawyer could work to hold a negligent driver accountable. Contact us today to learn about your legal options.

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