Suffering an injury on an industrial site can change your life forever. These injuries are often catastrophic and can cost a fortune in medical bills, time lost at work, and ongoing care. Whether you were working on the site, or simply passing through, you may be eligible for substantial financial compensation.

However, you may require the guidance of a Johnstown industrial accidents lawyer to fully recover what you are owed. In Johnstown, workers’ compensation attorneys could ensure that injured industrial workers are fairly treated after suffering harm on the job.

Common Types of Industrial Accidents

The state’s economy thrives off of the many different types of industries that operate within it. For mining, manufacturing, and construction jobs, the potential for serious accidents is high, often resulting in devastating and permanent consequences.

Catastrophic injuries on industrial sites could be due to:

Industrial work is very dangerous, especially if the plaintiff’s employer or a third party working on the site is negligent in his or her conduct. A dedicated Johnstown attorney could analyze an injured industrial worker’s case to help determine the best path forward.

Johnstown Workers’ Comp for Industrial Workers

If an employee is injured while working on an industrial site, he or she is likely able to make a claim through the workers’ compensation system. Unlike a personal injury lawsuit, workers’ compensation is designed to be a “no fault” system, in that an injured employee’s fault is not a factor. Workers’ compensation benefits typically include wage loss and medical benefits.

Most injured workers can count on approximately two-thirds of their weekly wages to be paid during the time they recover from an accident. Medical costs are also meant to be covered, and perhaps other types of compensation depending on the unique facts of the case.

Unfortunately, employers may attempt to blame injuries on pre-existing conditions or drag out the process to avoid paying. A skilled local attorney could help a plaintiff fight for his or her right to compensation after an industrial accident.

When Might a Third-Party Claim be Viable for an Industrial Accident Case?

A third-party claim arises when a worker is injured by a third party (other than his or her employer) while on the job. This typically occurs when a third party employer is also working on the same job site. This is extremely common on drill rigs, in factories, and on construction sites.

While workers’ compensation benefits should pay medical bills and lost income after an injury, if a third party caused the plaintiff’s injury, additional types of damages may be available. This could include compensation for emotional distress, pain and suffering, and loss of consortium. These types of non-economic damages are not available in the workers’ compensation system from the plaintiff’s employer but could be available in a third-party personal injury lawsuit. Industrial workers injured in Johnstown due to a third-party employer’s negligence should contact an experienced attorney right away for legal guidance.

Contact a Johnstown Industrial Accident Attorney Right Away

Industrial accidents can lead to very serious injuries. These injuries can affect not only your life, but the lives of your entire family. Treatment and rehabilitation can cause devastating financial burdens that you and your family may not be prepared to handle.

With help from a Johnstown industrial accident lawyer, you could recover the compensation to you are owed. Reach out to the office of Marcus & Mack to discuss your options for financial recovery.

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