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A dog biting you is a scary thing to experience that affects millions of Americans every year. Dealing with the trauma and financial repercussions of a dog attack, a person could feel overwhelmed and feeling as though they have no legal recourse.

However, depending on the circumstances of an attack, a careless dog owner might be determined to be legally liable for the dog’s actions. Thus, you may benefit from consulting a Johnstown dog bite lawyer if someone’s dog bit you. An experienced personal injury attorney could address your concerns and assist you in exploring your legal choices for pursuing a civil lawsuit. To schedule a meeting with a dog bite personal injury lawyer, get in touch today.

The Statute of Limitations for Pursuing a Dog Bite Claim

If time has passed since the dog bite occurred, people in Johnstown should be aware of the deadline for pursuing a civil claim. The period is determined by Pennsylvania’s statute of limitations, 42 P.S. §5524.

This rule places a two-year deadline from the date of the dog attack for someone to file a claim. Once the time limit passes, a potential defendant could seek to have the case dismissed. Because there is a limited time for someone in Johnstown to recover damages for injuries caused by a dog bite, working with a dedicated lawyer might be necessary to gather all the necessary materials and file on time.

Causes and Consequences of Dog Bites

Many factors might lead to a dog attacking or biting a person. Dogs often bite when they feel scared or threatened, become startled, or if they are not properly trained. If an owner fails to take the proper steps to train, confine, or maintain a healthy environment for the animal, the results could be harmful. These failures could constitute legal negligence, potentially providing grounds for compensation to the victim.

What Compensation Should Someone Seek in a Johnstown Dog Bite Claim?

If a lawsuit is successful, an injured person might be able to recover damages for many of the expenses accrued as a result of their injury. The amount recovered may include any monetary losses from receiving medical care as well as lost or diminished earning potential, wage losses, and damages for physical or emotional pain.

In some cases, compensation may be awarded based upon the losses experienced by a family member. An experienced attorney could assist plaintiffs in calculating the full extent of damages associated with their dog bite claim to ensure that the full amount owed is recovered from the defendant, whether it is via a settlement out of court or after trial.

Hire a Johnstown Dog Bite Lawyer for Assistance

After a dog attack, you might be traumatized and unsure what legal options you have. However, when a pet owner fails to protect others from their dog, anyone injured by that dog might have a right to pursue compensation. A seasoned Johnstown dog bite lawyer could effectively work to gather sufficient evidence, calculate the total amount of your losses, and represent you in the civil lawsuit. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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