When individuals are prescribed medication, they expect the drug to alleviate or cure his or her ailment. However, when an individual receives the wrong medication or is not properly warned of the side effects, the drug can cause them harm.

If a dangerous drug injured you or a family member, you might benefit from contacting a Johnstown dangerous drugs lawyer. A qualified personal injury attorney could help you hold the responsible party accountable for your injuries and help you seek compensation.

Who Is Responsible for Dangerous Drugs?

Dangerous drug claims typically fall under a legal theory called product liability. Anyone involved in manufacturing, distributing, or selling a drug could potentially be held liable. Prescribing doctors, hospitals, and pharmacists might be held responsible depending on the circumstances. A drug can become dangerous to consumers in the following ways:

  • Defectively manufactured — something went wrong in the production process, making a drug unsafe
  • Dangerous side effects: a drug was released to the public with side effects that could lead to serious injury or death
  • Misleading marketing: the marketing for medication did not disclose all potential side effects

If doctors prescribe the wrong medication or pharmacists give a patient the wrong dosage of a medication, they could be found responsible for any injuries an individual then sustains. A dangerous drugs attorney could help a Johnstown victim determine who is responsible for his or her injuries.

Deadline for Dangerous Drugs Claims

It is important for Johnstown plaintiffs to remember that there are deadlines for filing a claim against the parties responsible for their injuries. Failing to meet the deadline, called the statute of limitations, may stop someone from pursuing a civil lawsuit at all. Personal injury suits must be brought in within two years from the date of the wrongful conduct, pursuant to 42 P.S. § 5524(2). A Johnstown lawyer experienced with dangerous drug claims could ensure a plaintiff files his or her claim by the deadline.

Damages for Harmful Medications

If an unsafe medication harms someone, he or she could be facing serious physical and emotional pain. Victims may also require additional medical treatment to help mitigate the new symptoms.

A plaintiff could seek compensation for his or her economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages cover present and future medical bills that were accrued due to the injury, as well as any lost wages should the victim be unable to work.

Non-economic damages include the emotional losses of a victim. This includes pain and suffering or decreased quality of life. Since these damages are not tangible, they can be difficult to calculate. A Johnstown harmful drugs attorney could help a dangerous drug victim quantify his or her total damages to ensure they are adequately compensated.

Contact a Johnstown Dangerous Drugs Attorney Today

If an unsafe medication harmed you or a member of your family, a Johnstown dangerous drug lawyer might be able to provide legal assistance. A dedicated attorney could help investigate your case to determine the responsible party and hold them accountable for your injuries. To schedule a consultation with a legal professional, call Marcus & Mack today.

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