Burns can be among the worst types of catastrophic injuries. Burn victims can suffer from serious infection, nerve damage, and severe scarring. With all these damages resulting from an injury, the expenses after a catastrophic injury can be extensive.

If someone else’s negligence caused your or a loved one’s burn injuries, then there may be ways to assert your rights in court with a dedicated Johnstown burn injury lawyer by your side. By working closely with a traumatic injury attorney, you may stand a better chance of maximizing your financial recovery.

Circumstances That Commonly Lead to Burn Injuries

Burns are usually the result of either heat or chemicals damaging a person’s skin or the underlying tissue. The severity of burns range from first to fourth degree burns.

Ordinary circumstances for burn injuries that often lead to liability include:

Determining when someone may be liable for a burn injury is difficult, but an attorney who has experience handling burn injury cases could collect evidence in Johnstown to determine who is responsible for a victim’s injuries.

Assigning Liability in Burn Injuries Cases

Once the facts concerning the circumstances of a burn injury are established, a plaintiff might be able to hold someone responsible for the harm suffered. There might be various parties who may share accountability for a burn injury.

In a motorcycle accident that leads to severe burns or abrasions from contact with the pavement, the person who hit you might be liable if they were not exercising proper judgment while driving. Conversely, a car manufacturer might be responsible for burn injuries if the car was built or designed in such a way that the car would catch fire if the engine was severely damaged.

Claimants wishing to make a claim for a burn injury should consult a seasoned attorney who can assist in determining responsibility for a burn injury that took place in Johnstown.

Limits and Exceptions to Burn Damages

Burn injury claimants can pursue two different forms of compensation in a lawsuit. Pennsylvania law provides claimants the ability to seek economic damages without any caps. This includes quantifiable damages such as medical expenses, out of pocket costs, and lost wages or lost earning potential.

Additionally, non-economic damages may be awarded to account for pain and suffering, loss of life’s pleasures, embarrassment, and inconvenience.

Finally, a court may punish a defendant by awarding punitive damages to a plaintiff. This form of damage is usually reserved for the worst types of misconduct, such as criminal or reckless behavior. A claimant unsure of how much they should claim in a lawsuit should consult an experienced legal professional soon.

Meet with a Johnstown Burn Injury Attorney Today

An attorney might be able to help a claimant assert their rights to compensation in a personal injury claim. An experienced attorney could help determine how a burn injury occurred, and who is responsible. Consulting with a seasoned Johnstown burn injury lawyer could be the best way to maximize your financial compensation. To schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer to discuss a burn injury claim, contact us today.

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