Settling a Johnstown car accident case is a great option for many injured people as it avoids the additional time and expense of a trial. With the assistance of a knowledgeable car crash attorney, you could get the fair compensation you need and deserve without the stress of going to court.

Reasons to Settle Rather than to Go to Trial

The decision to settle or go to trial is based on the assessment of risk and potential loss and is different for every case. Sometimes settling makes more sense than going to trial.

The reasons for settling instead of going to trial include avoiding risk, emotional stress, and additional time and expenses caused by the litigation process. Settlement allows the injured parties to get the payments needed to support themselves and their family more quickly while avoiding the uncertainty of trial.

Settlement Process

The settlement process for a Johnstown motor vehicle accident involves collecting evidence to establish the defendant’s liability and the extent of the plaintiff’s injuries. This information is compiled into a demand package and submitted to the insurance company or defense attorney. The value of the plaintiff’s case is then determined through various methods, and a settlement offer may or may not be made.

If no offer is made, the plaintiff can file a lawsuit with the guidance of a qualified attorney. If an offer is made, the attorney negotiates on the plaintiff’s behalf to maximize the amount of compensation. If the negotiation process reaches a point where the insurance company or defense attorney will not offer any more money, then the plaintiff must decide whether to accept the settlement or proceed into litigation, which could lead to a full jury trial.  However, the vast majority of cases settle before a trial occurs.

How a Lawyer From Our Firm Can Help Negotiate a Settlement

Our attorneys have extensive experience in handling in personal injury cases, and it is the only type of case we handle.  We know how to build a strong case by anticipating the defenses that insurance companies often raise. Our knowledgeable legal professionals leverage their experience to help injured people maximize their recovery.

Pennsylvania law does not assign a value to specific injuries, but our team of proactive lawyers tracks jury verdicts across the state to gain a solid understanding of what a case is worth. Then, they use this knowledge to negotiate a fair settlement for injured car accident victims in Johnstown. If the insurance company fights on the liability issue, our skilled attorneys can fight back and will do everything we can to protect an injured person’s rights.

Settle Your Johnstown Car Accident Case with the Help of an Attorney

Settling or going to trial is a crucial decision that should be based on a thorough assessment of the risk and potential loss for each case. The committed lawyers at Marcus & Mack have experience fighting for fair and comprehensive settlements for victims of motor vehicle collisions.

When you are hurt in an auto accident, do not try to manage your personal injury case alone. Settling a Johnstown car accident case is much easier with the guidance of a well-practiced attorney. Call today to speak with a dedicated legal professional about the details of your case.

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