While the area is not prone to natural disasters like hurricanes, Johnstown does get a lot of rain and snow. This, paired with poor maintenance of the roads, leaves drivers susceptible to serious collisions. From hydroplaning during rainstorms to sliding on black ice to poor visibility from fog, bad weather car accidents in Johnstown are unfortunately common. By working with an experienced auto accident attorney, you could learn how to best forward with your case in order to recover compensation for your losses.

Steps to Take After a Collision Caused by Poor Weather Conditions

The first thing to do after a vehicle wreck is to make sure that everyone involved is okay and to call first responders. Getting off the roadway is also important in order to avoid secondary collisions. This is especially important in Johnstown accidents caused by bad weather, as the condition that caused the first driver to crash may still be present for oncoming motorists.

If physically able, the claimant should take pictures or video of the accident scene and the existing weather conditions. He or she should also obtain contact information from other involved drivers and witnesses, as well as the police report from the accident.

How Can Dangerous Weather Impact Fault in a Car Wreck Case?

It is extremely important to understand that poor weather conditions in Johnstown do not actually change who is at fault for a vehicle accident. What it does is amplify any mistakes that are made while driving. Speeding, following too close, drinking and driving, or being distracted are all dangerous on their own but can be aggravated by unsafe weather conditions. For instance, if a person is speeding and needs to come to a sudden stop, he or she may be unable to if the roads are slick from snow, ice, or rain.

The driver who was operating his or her vehicle in a manner that was unsafe for the conditions is still responsible for a collision, even if weather played a role, because a driver is expected to account for the hazardous conditions. It is also the duty of the motorist to equip his or her vehicle with the necessary safety measures to handle poor weather conditions, such as working headlights and snow tires.

Learn More About Bad Weather Car Accidents from a Johnstown Attorney

Vehicle collisions partially caused by hazardous weather conditions are especially difficult cases as these wrecks often are catastrophic, and the conditions under which it occurred do not last. Snow melts, rain dries, and fog clears, making proving weather played a role in the accident challenging.

Fortunately, an attorney well-versed in bad weather car accidents in Johnstown could take the lead in investigating the weather conditions on the day of your crash and help you prove that another person’s reckless conduct is to blame. A dedicated attorney could then help you catalog all your personal and financial losses to ensure you are fully and fairly compensated for your harm. Call the office of Marcus & Mack today to schedule your initial case consultation for free.

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