Some of the biggest mistakes to avoid after a car accident in Johnstown include:

Discussing the Circumstances of the Accident

Although it is natural for a person to feel remorseful after being involved in a car accident, remember that anything you can be used to assess liability for the crash.  If you have to give a deposition, you will be questioned on any statements you gave at the scene.  The police report will typically include summaries of witness statements and can be used as evidence in the case.  If you are partially at-fault, the more you say at the scene, the more likely you will lose your case.  Pennsylvania’s comparative negligence standard states that if someone is more than 50% at fault for a crash, he or she cannot recover damages. Thus, you should avoid admitting fault after an auto collision in Johnstown, as it can hurt your case and prevent you from recovering any compensation for your injuries.

Refusing Immediate Medical Treatment

Another common mistake is refusing medical treatment after a car accident in Johnstown. While some people may think they are being strong by “toughing it out,” this decision can negatively impact their case if they later decide to pursue compensation for their injuries.

When an insurance adjuster or defense attorney receives the case, he or she may question why the injured party did not seek medical care immediately after the crash.  The defense will argue that the victim was not truly injured, or else he or she would have sought treatment.  Without medical records, proving that a person suffered injuries due to a specific accident can be challenging. While a person may eventually have the opportunity to explain his or her injuries in front of a jury, this can take several years to occur. Therefore, being evaluated by a medical professional early on is crucial for both his or her civil claim and the person’s health.

In addition, it is important to realize that the human body is not designed to withstand the impact of a car accident, and injuries may not be immediately apparent. To ensure that all injuries are addressed, it is essential to seek immediate medical attention. By doing so, a person can not only improve his or her chances of receiving compensation for his or her injuries but also prioritize his or her overall health and well-being.

Giving Recorded Statements to the Other Driver’s Insurance Company

Giving a recorded statement to the other driver’s insurance company is a big mistake without first consulting with a knowledgeable lawyer. Insurance companies are in the business of finding ways to deny injury claims, even from the moment they receive notice of the claim. They will search for gaps in medical treatment, pre-existing medical conditions, and any potential fault on the claimant’s part.  Insurance adjusters can also ask one-sided or misleading questions which can create confusion on issues including how the collision occurred.  When the statement is recorded, there will be a written transcript that can then be used against the injured claimant.

It is crucial to avoid speaking with an insurance company until you speak with an experienced attorney, as they often seek to minimize the amount they pay out in claims to improve their performance reviews.

Failing to Contact an Attorney

It could be a costly mistake if someone fails to contact an attorney after a car accident in Johnstown. The insurance company or defense attorney may begin working immediately to find ways to deny or minimize the injured person’s claim. To avoid this, an injured individual should contact a legal professional as soon as possible. This allows the lawyer to work to maximize his or her potential recovery.

It is important to involve a lawyer early on in the process so that they can ensure all necessary legal steps are taken correctly, and that a victim receives the fair amount of compensation they need and deserve.

A Johnstown Attorney Could Help You Avoid Making Some of the Biggest Mistakes After a Car Accident

Some of the biggest mistakes to avoid after a car accident in Johnstown includes admitting fault, refusing medical attention, speaking to the other driver’s insurance company, and, most importantly, failing to contact a qualified attorney.

By avoiding these common missteps, you can significantly improve your chances of a favorable case outcome. A seasoned lawyer at Marcus & Mack could be your greatest ally when navigating the legal process and avoiding costly mistakes.

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