Pizza used to be one of the only options for food delivery in Altoona and around the country. Today, people have many more options due to the success of food delivery companies like Uber Eats. People can look at their phones and order almost any kind of food, which a driver will bring directly to their front doors. The rising demand for convenient food delivery services has led to a large number of delivery vehicles on the roads. Unfortunately, these food delivery service vehicles sometimes get into accidents, which can cause serious injuries to drivers and others on the road.

If you suffered losses in a wreck with a food delivery service car, you might have a right to pursue legal action. An Altoona Uber Eats accident lawyer could meet with you for a consultation. Contact a dedicated car crash attorney at our firm today.

Reasons Why Food Delivery Vehicles Crash in Altoona

Most Uber Eats accidents happen due to careless or reckless driving mistakes. Uber Eats drivers do not work for an hourly rate. Instead, they receive payment based on the number of deliveries they make. As a result, many delivery drivers feel pressure to make as many deliveries as possible within a short period of time, which can cause them to make negligent or reckless mistakes. Delivery drivers sometimes speed or drive overly aggressively. In their haste, they might tailgate other drivers, fail to yield to pedestrians, or fail to stop at stop signs and red lights. Because Uber Eats drivers frequently drive in unfamiliar neighborhoods, they might need to rely more heavily on their GPS for directions. Consequently, they might look away from the road to check their cellphones. Like other motorists, delivery drivers also occasionally drive while under the influence.

A hardworking Uber Eats collision lawyer in Altoona could investigate the crash to learn precisely why it happened and who is legally responsible for the resulting injuries.

Who is Liable in an Uber Eats Crash in Altoona?

There is often more than one potential source of insurance proceeds applicable after an Uber Eats crash.

Personal Injury Protection Coverage

Following a wreck, an injured person usually turns to their own insurance company first. All Pennsylvania automobile insurance policies provide Personal Injury Protection (“PIP”) coverage for medical bills.  This means that a victim’s own automobile insurance company generally pays the cost of his medical bills up to the level of his policy limits, which is $5,000 for most people. A knowledgeable attorney could help an injured person review the terms of her insurance policy and file the correct paperwork. Any unpaid medical bills, such as those which exceed the PIP coverage, can be sought in a claim against the at-fault driver.

Delivery Driver

If a delivery driver causes an accident that results in losses to another person, that injured person might be able to pursue monetary damages from the driver to recover some of their losses. Uber Eats requires its drivers to carry specific minimum levels of insurance. Unfortunately, some drivers do not carry adequate insurance to cover all losses, in which case other avenues of recovery can be pursued, such as Underinsured Motorist benefits or other parties.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats provides limited liability insurance coverage for accidents involving its drivers. If the driver has accepted a delivery request, they provide up to $1 million of coverage. However, if an accident occurs between deliveries, Uber Eats only provides up to $50,000.

Under the theory of vicarious liability, Altoona employers are legally responsible for the wrongful actions of their employees. However, most courts consider food service delivery drivers to be independent contractors instead of employees. An injured claimant could only sue Uber Eats if the company itself made a mistake, such as knowingly hiring someone with a criminal record or bad driving history.

An experienced Altoona Uber Eats crash attorney could consider all avenues of legal relief.

Call an Altoona Uber Eats Accident Attorney

Accidents with food delivery vehicles are often considerably more complicated than other collisions. In addition to dealing with your physical and emotional injuries, you might also have to figure out who is legally responsible in order to get the financial recovery you deserve.

Insurance companies may also try to offer you inadequate settlements, which is why it is critical that you work with a dedicated Altoona Uber Eats lawyer who could look out for your best interests. Make an appointment with the diligent team of attorneys at Marcus & Mack to discuss your case today.

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