All car accidents can be frightening and can lead to a grueling physical recuperation and emotional suffering. However, if your collision was due to the negligence of a Grubhub delivery driver, you may be eligible for legal recourse with the help of an Altoona car crash attorney.

An Altoona Grubhub accident lawyer could review the details of what happened to you, listen to your concerns, and advise you of your legal options. Our team of lawyers could also help you file a personal injury lawsuit to recover financial compensation for the losses you suffered due to the wreck.

Requirements to be a Grubhub Driver

Many consumers choose Grubhub because it is convenient and offers many more options than traditional food delivery services. It is also a popular choice for employees as it pays its drivers a fair wage, set their own work hours, and allows them to keep all of their tips.

To become a Grubhub driver, potential applicants need to meet the following qualifications:

  • Be a minimum of 19 years old
  • Have a legal driver’s license
  • Have a minimum of two years of driving experience
  • Have a car
  • Have a smartphone that has a compatible operating system
  • Pass an employee background check
  • Have a checking account
  • Have a valid personal automobile insurance policy

If potential drivers meet those requirements, they can become independent contractors for Grubhub.

Pursuing a Claim Against the Individual Grubhub Driver

In the event of a crash caused by a negligent or reckless Grubhub driver, an injured claimant could file suit against the driver. A skilled vehicle wreck attorney in the area could help a claimant pursue a claim against the at-fault Grubhub driver. Dedicated local attorneys could investigate the accident to show how the evidence points to the delivery service driver’s culpability. Evidence could be collected by visiting the accident scene, reviewing the police reports, looking through the medical records, viewing traffic camera footage, and examining any other relevant information. Sufficient and reliable evidence could be used to obtain a full and fair settlement offer from the Grubhub driver’s personal insurance company.

When is Grubhub Liable for its Driver’s Actions?

Under a theory of vicarious liability, an employer stands in the shoes of its employees and is liable for the negligent actions of employees, provided the employee was acting in the course and scope of the employment.  The question of whether a driver is an “employee” versus an “independent contractor” requires an analysis of many specific factors of each case.  In some instances, an injured claimant might not be eligible to pursue compensation directly against the company, unless the driver is an “employee”. Since drivers may be considered independent contractors, Grubhub would not have to provide its drivers with insurance coverage, nor would the company be legally responsible for its drivers’ accidents.

However, aside from vicarious liability, under certain circumstances, the company could potentially hold some liability under direct claims of negligence. A skilled Altoona accident attorney could help a claimant pursue a claim against the company if Grubhub made a mistake when they initially hired the driver or if the company did not terminate the driver’s employment when it should have.

If Grubhub failed to conduct a valid background check and verify the driver’s qualifications, a claimant could file suit. Additionally, if the driver had a bad driving or criminal record, did not have a valid driver’s license, had not been driving for at least two years, or was under the age of 19, an experienced local attorney could help a claimant pursue a claim against Grubhub for the damages resulting from the mistakes of the driver.

Let an Altoona Grubhub Accident Attorney Help You Today

If you suffered a serious injury at the hands of a delivery driver, you might be unsure about how to proceed. An Altoona Grubhub accident lawyer has the experience necessary to stand up against large companies and their insurance companies. Our team could look out for your interests and help you seek the compensation you deserve. Contact Marcus & Mack today for a free consultation.

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