Rear-end collisions can occur in an instant. No driver is prepared for this type of crash since these accidents usually happen when waiting at a traffic light or at a stop sign. Due to a person’s inability to prepare for such a crash, they may sustain serious injuries to their back, neck, and/or head.

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How is the Rear-End Accident Defined by Pennsylvania Law?

Rear-end accidents can occur due to any number of reasons, like distracted driving, driving too fast, and following too closely. These wrecks often occur in heavily congested areas. These collisions can also occur due to bad weather if there are wet or icy roadways that lead to less traction and requires more stopping distance to avoid striking the vehicle in front.

What is the Assured Clear Distance Rule?

In order to prove a rear-end collision claim, the plaintiff must show that the at-fault party’s negligence led to the accident. Pennsylvania follows the assured clear distance rule, meaning that drivers are required to drive their vehicle in a way that would enable them to stop within the assured clear distance in front of them. This rule applies even if it is argued that the plaintiff was driving too slowly, or had to suddenly apply the brakes.  It is incumbent on the trailing vehicle to remain capable of bringing his or her vehicle to a stop within the assured clear distance ahead.  In a rear-end collision claim, plaintiffs could argue that because the at-fault party did not follow this rule, the other driver should be held liable for damages.

Deadline to File a Rear-End Accident Claim

The deadline to file a car accident claim is two years from the date of the incident. If a governmental entity is involved, such as a vehicle being driven by a PennDOT employee or school bus, there is a six-month deadline within which to submit a statutory written notice to the defendant.  If a claim is not filed before the window closes, the claimant would be barred from filing a claim, regardless of its merit. Although two years sounds like a long time, the reality is that there is a lot of preparation that goes into a case leading up to the act of filing. With this in mind, plaintiffs who believe they have a claim for monetary damages following a rear-end collision should contact an attorney in Altoona as quickly as possible.

Steps to Take Following a Rear-End Accident

The first step to take following an accident of any kind is remove the vehicles to a safe location and exchange information with the other driver, including driver’s licenses and insurance information.  The police should also be notified so that a report of the accident can be prepared.  It is imperative that a victim be able to identify the other driver.  In some cases, the other driver will promise to notify his insurance company, and a victim leaves the scene without obtaining the other driver’s name or insurance information.  This can be a big mistake.

The next step is to have a medical professional diagnose the injuries sustained. Victims may feel like they are not injured after an accident, but that may be because of the adrenaline and shock that comes with being abruptly involved in an accident. As a result, victims may not feel their devastating injuries until hours after an accident has occurred, making it all the more important to undergo medical treatment and testing following an accident. Doing so also creates a record of the injuries sustained, adding further validity to the claim.

Contact an Altoona Rear-End Collision Attorney Today

Being involved in an accident is one of the more stressful situations you could find yourself in as a driver. Fortunately, legal assistance is available if you wish to file an injury claim against the driver responsible for any damages you sustained in an accident. A skilled attorney could help collect evidence on your behalf, including any medical or police reports, and interview witnesses.

If you wish to leverage these services, make sure to get in touch with an Altoona rear-end collision lawyer today. With a trusted ally at your side, you may be able to obtain the monetary damages owed to you. To get started on your claim, schedule a free consultation today.

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