Unfortunately, Altoona car crash attorneys often see teenagers involved in catastrophic and deadly vehicle wrecks. Novice drivers are expected to follow the same traffic rules as other motorists on Pennsylvania roads, but they also have additional restrictions that impact their driving behavior. Failure to follow these rules could complicate an already complex legal case.

If you were struck by a negligent teenage driver, or if your teen was hurt in a car crash, do not hesitate to seek legal counsel. An Altoona teen driver accident lawyer could review your case and provide guidance throughout the legal process.

Driving Requirements for Teenagers

Pennsylvania does not require novice motorists to take a driver’s education course in order to get a learner’s permit. As long as an applicant can pass the written test, then he or she could be issued a permit.

Teenagers can get their learner’s permit at age 16 and begin driving under the supervision of a licensed driver. Teens are required to have the permit for six months, during which they must log 65 hours of behind the wheel training. Then he or she can take the on-the-road test for a driver’s license.

Prior to receiving a driver’s license, teenage drivers must abide by additional regulations. For instance, a junior driver’s license does not permit motorists to drive between the hours of 11:00 pm and 5:00 am unless accompanied by a parent, guardian, or a person in loco parentis who is 21 years or older. However, there are some exceptions to this.

A teen with a junior license can drive between 11:00 pm and 5:00 am if he or she is involved in a public or charitable service, a member of a volunteer fire company, or are employed during those hours. In that case, the junior driver has to carry a notarized affidavit from the employer or supervisor that confirms those activities.

If a teenage driver is found to have been violating these regulations at the time of a collision, this could impact an injury claim. A well-practiced attorney from the area could review an adolescent driver’s case to determine if he or she was in violation of Pennsylvania driving requirements during the accident.

Why are Teens More Likely to be Involved in a Vehicle Wreck?

Even though a novice driver can pass the written test and obtain his or her license, teenagers unfortunately do not have much experience driving a vehicle. A lack of experience with issues such as yielding the right of way, merging, and handling the vehicle can result in devastating accidents. If a new driver encounters something he or she has not experienced before, such as icy roads or poor visibility, that too can put him or her at risk of crashing.

Altoona lawyers also see distracted driving in collisions involving adolescent drivers. Young people do not often have the maturity to know the risks associated with talking with each other or using a cellphone while operating a vehicle. Combined with their lack of experience, distracted driving can result in deadly vehicle collisions.

Vehicle Wrecks Involving Minor Teens

If the teenager injured in a vehicle wreck is under the age of 18, then the claim has to be filed by the parents as the guardians of the minor, because a minor does not have the legal capacity to be a plaintiff in a lawsuit. On the other hand, if a defendant driver is a minor, he or she can still be sued. In the actual case itself, there would be more discovery into the inexperienced driver’s driving history because evidence of inexperience is relevant in proving liability for the accident. A local attorney could explain other legal nuances that apply when the teen involved in a vehicle wreck is a minor.

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When a teenager is involved in a vehicle collision, the laws surrounding the legal process can become more complicated. Perhaps you were struck by a negligent teen, or maybe your adolescent child was involved in a wreck caused by another party. Either way, you could benefit from speaking with an Altoona teen driver accident lawyer. Schedule your free case consultation at Marcus & Mack by calling now.

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