Becoming paralyzed after an accident can permanently change your life. Paralysis affects every aspect of daily living from participating in hobbies to maintaining your career. Scientists develop new treatments for spinal cord damage each year, and you may be entitled to financial compensation for these and other medical expenses after a paralyzing injury.

Traumatically induced paralysis impacts you and your family. Your loved ones may become your caretakers and share your physical and emotional burdens during your recovery. If another person’s carelessness contributed to a paralyzing accident, damages might be available to ease your financial troubles with the help of a State College paralysis injury lawyer. By speaking with an experienced catastrophic injury attorney, you could improve your chances of a full recovery.

Types of Paralysis

Paralysis occurs when an injury or illness prevents brain signals from reaching other parts of the body. This disruption prevents movement and the brain’s ability to process stimulation in the affected area. Damage to the spinal column, and in turn, the central nervous system, typically causes paralysis below the injured area.

The severity of the nerve damage dictates whether paralysis is temporary or permanent. There are five common types of paralysis injuries for which an attorney in State College may help claimants recover damages:

  • Quadriplegia – Paralysis in both arms and legs typically resulting from a traumatic neck injury
  • Locked-in Syndrome – Paralysis of the body below the eye muscles that may be caused by traumatic brain injuries and brain stem damage
  • Paraplegia – Paralysis in both legs and below the waist often caused by damage to the lower back
  • Monoplegia – Paralysis to one limb
  • Hemiplegia – Paralyzing damage to one side of the body, potentially resulting from a head or side-impact injury

All paralysis is severe, but patients suffering from Locked-in Syndrome or quadriplegia require specialized care because they cannot breathe without aid. Compensation for expensive medical equipment, full-time nursing assistance, physical therapy, and medications to treat paralyzing injuries may be available from a negligent party that caused the spinal damage.

Common Paralyzing Accidents in State College

Strokes, circulatory diseases, and genetic conditions can all result in temporary paralysis. However, sudden accidents due to negligent conduct can cause permanent paralyzing injuries for which claimants may have viable compensation claims. Spine damage caused by the following traumas may result in potential legal claims:

A qualified lawyer could help claimants suffering from paralysis injuries recover damages in State College.

Financial Compensation Available to Paralyzed Claimants

Due to the long-term, often permanent impact of a paralysis injury, claimants may need substantial compensation in the years following a paralyzing accident. Severe spine damage caused by another person’s reckless conduct may entitle paralysis patients to a financial award. Claimants suffering from paralyzing injuries are entitled to recover damages for direct expenses and compensation for loss of life’s enjoyments, loss of spousal companionship, and emotional distress.

In most cases, there is no legal limit to the amount of compensation available for negligently, recklessly, or intentionally inflicted injuries. Successful claimants could potentially recover money for past and anticipated medical expenses as well as fair compensation for lost wages and indirect losses. State College lawyers with experience filing paralysis injury claims could assist claimants with the financial recovery process.

Retain a Qualified State College Attorney for Paralysis Injuries

Financial stress is the last thing paralyzed claimants should worry about during the recovery process. Nonetheless, you and your family may be overwhelmed by insurance paperwork, medical claims, and wrongful denials after a sudden paralyzing accident.

An experienced State College paralysis injury lawyer could help you appeal insurance denials, reduce administrative stress, and recover damages for wrongfully caused personal injuries.  Speak with our legal team at Marcus & Mack today to discuss your case.

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