Interstates and highways give people the opportunity to travel throughout the state and country. However, with this ease of access comes a heightened risk for severe injuries. Due to the high rate of speed, any mistake or miscalculation could result in a major accident.

If you were involved in a highway accident and would like to recoup compensation for damages, be sure to schedule a free consultation with a well-practiced car wreck attorney. A Western PA interstate accident lawyer could sit with you to learn more about the circumstances of your accident and advise you of your eligibility to recover monetary damages. Call today to get started.

Common Major Roadways in Western PA

Some of the more common roadways in Western PA include Interstate 76 that runs across Western Pennsylvania, and Interstate 80 which is further North and runs East and West across Pennsylvania. Coming in and out of Pittsburgh are Routes 22, 79, 422, and 28.

In addition to these roadways, there are many secondary roads. Pennsylvania is known for having some of the most secondary roads than any other state.

Frequency of Interstate Accidents

Interstate accidents happen every single day. However, in the event that the weather becomes dangerous to drive through, drivers become more susceptible to being involved in an auto accident. In the local area, there are big changes in weather and temperature, which can lead to unpredictable road conditions and a quick accumulation of snow and ice. As a result, roads may be prone to cracking, causing potholes that could damage a person’s vehicle. Hazardous weather also plays a major factor in accidents that happen on back roads. In these types of situations, the slightest miscalculation could result in significant injury. When someone is hurt due to another party’s negligence, a skilled Western PA interstate crash attorney could help seek compensation for their losses.

Difference Between Highway/Interstate Accidents and Other Road Accidents

One of the main differences between highway or interstate accidents and other roadway accidents is the rate of speed. On average, the speed limit for highways ranges from 50 to 70 mph, whereas the limits for secondary roads could range anywhere from 25 to 45 mph. As a result, accidents on interstates could involve much more devastating injuries and damage since drivers are traveling at a much higher rate of speed, resulting in greater forces upon impact. Unfortunately, interstate accidents are more likely to have fatal injuries in comparison to other roadway accidents.

Because interstate accidents often result in life-changing injuries, it is crucial to retain the services of a knowledgeable Western PA lawyer immediately following a collision.

Common Fact Patterns Surrounding Interstate/Highway Accidents

Since Western Pennsylvania is known to a lot of mining and development in rural areas, there are many trucks coming in and out of the area. As a result, there are many accidents involving big trucks such as dump trucks.

Some of the more common patterns seen in interstate accidents is impaired driving. In addition to drunk driving, other drivers could be under the influence of drugs such as marijuana, benzodiazepines such as Xanax, and other types of prescribed medications. When these types of drugs are mixed with a different medication or alcohol, a person may be unable to drive. Unfortunately, the Western PA area has been hit as hard as anywhere in the country with opioids, leaving many individuals to think they can get behind the wheel under such conditions.

Schedule a Consultation with a Western PA Interstate Accident Attorney

When a person suffers extensive injuries and damages as a result of a highway accident, he or she could also be at risk at incurring expensive medical costs and having to pay for property damage. Considering the fiscal implications of a highway accident, victims are encouraged to reach out to a legal professional for help with recovering monetary damages.

To learn more about how a Western PA interstate accident lawyer could help your case, call Marcus & Mack to schedule a free consultation.


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