A failure to yield car crash is when one driver is required to yield but fails to do so, which causes a collision with the driver who had the right of way. These types of wrecks commonly occur where there is a traffic signal and the at-fault driver fails to abide by it.

If you were injured due to another driver’s failure to yield to the right of way, you might be entitled to compensation. A Western PA failure to yield accident lawyer could help you collect the damages you deserve. Call an experienced car crash attorney and begin working on your claim today.

Common Fact Patterns Concerning Failure to Yield Car Wrecks

Some common scenarios for failure to yield cases are merging unto a highway from an exit or merging off of a highway onto an exit. Those are both scenarios where there are yield signs and the driver has to be aware of other traffic.

Another failure to yield situation is when yellow traffic lights are flashing like a caution sign. Often, people do not treat the yellow lights as caution and they are not aware of other vehicles in the area. Failure to yield cases are based primarily on the traffic signals in the area.

Establishing Negligence in Failure to Yield Cases

In a failure to yield case, it is difficult to identify fault because often it is based on the testimony of the two parties that were involved in the collision. In a case where someone is merging onto a highway, often the person who is merging will say they had enough room and space and that the other driver on the highway was going over the speed limit. However, the motorist on the highway may say that they were going the speed limit and the other driver merged without enough space and time.

The complicated aspect to determining fault in a failure to yield case is that they often have competing testimony as to both time and space to merge or to make an entry unto the roadway where the collision occurred. When there is conflicting testimony, it is extremely important an injured party relate their version of the accident to the police immediately after the accident. Any delays in time can impact the credibility of the testimony at a later date.

Generally, the at-fault party is the person who is not abiding by the rules of the roadway given the conditions of the roadway and the traffic signals that are present. Usually, there are road signs present in these situations, but that is not always the case. Fortunately, a failure to yield accident lawyer in Indiana could help an injured victim with establishing liability.

Collecting Evidence Following a Collision

In a failure to yield case, the very first step that a skilled car accident attorney is going to take is to collect and preserve evidence. The lawyer will send out letters to any party, witness, and businesses that are in the area. They will look for video evidence, eyewitness testimony, and other evidence to support the claim or to reconstruct the cause of the accident.

Some vehicles have black boxes that can establish speed, the direction of travel, and whether airbags have been deployed. This information could be essential to reconstructing the wreck and establishing negligence. An Indiana failure to yield attorney could hire an accident reconstruction expert to help assign fault in the case.

How a Western PA Failure to Yield Accident Attorney Could Help

When a person is injured in a car accident in Indiana County or in western Pennsylvania, it is crucial to rely on a law firm that has experience with motor vehicle collision cases. A dedicated Western PA failure to yield accident lawyer could fight for your best interests and help you recover the compensation you need. Contact us at Marcus & Mack today and set up your consultation.


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