Even though new drivers must pass a series of tests to operate a vehicle in Pennsylvania, their lack of experience leaves them at risk of catastrophic accidents. Teenage drivers may be unable to effectively avoid a collision with another negligent driver.

If you were struck by a teenage driver, or if your teen was unable to avoid a collision with another reckless driver, you should contact an accomplished car crash attorney. A Western PA teen driver accident lawyer could review your case and determine your eligibility for financial compensation.

Why Are Teens More Likely to be Involved in Car Crashes Than Other Drivers in Western PA?

There are a ton of distractions for any driver in Pennsylvania, but particularly for a novice driver. Teenagers are more reliant on technology and often use their phones while operating their vehicle to access music, messages, and the GPS.  Teens are also more likely to improperly send text messages or make social media postings while driving.

In addition to distractions, most teen drivers are inexperienced with roadways, traffic signals, and construction zones. While motorists will gain experience with these potential obstacles over time, a novice or teen driver has not yet had these experiences. Unfortunately, in the event of an emergency, an adolescent driver may be unaware of how to handle those circumstances.

Common Causes of Accidents Involving Teenage Drivers

Teen driving vehicle wrecks in Western Pennsylvania commonly involve construction zones, roads, and traffic patterns that they have not experienced previously. When novice motorists encounter unfamiliar circumstances, they may not be able to process the situation quickly enough or respond appropriately, which can cause an accident.

Teen drivers might also be unfamiliar with the vehicle itself, along with its equipment, such as turn signals, headlight functions, and speed capabilities. If the driver is in a different vehicle from what they were trained in, an accident might occur due to the driver’s lack of familiarity with the vehicle and its processes.

Attorneys in Western PA also see a lot of adolescent driver collisions occur due to:

  • Texting while driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Rowdy passengers

Under these circumstances, a driver, regardless of skill or experience, may be unable to attention to traffic signals, weather conditions, the road, or surrounding traffic, which could position him or her to either make the poor choices or disobey traffic signals resulting in a wreck.

Traffic Violations and Adolescent Motorists

The laws in Western Pennsylvania that provide rules for the operation of vehicles are the same for teens and adults. Traffic violations apply to everyone, but the consequences for a violation may be different for a novice driver with only a learner’s permit, as opposed to someone with full driving privileges. Drivers with only a learner’s permit who are involved in vehicle collisions in Indiana should speak with an experienced local attorney about how that could impact their case.

Teen drivers should adhere to the traffic rules of the road. There is zero tolerance for teens drinking and driving, and teenage motorists who are found to be under the influence of any amount of alcohol could face significant fines and penalties – even if an adult over the age of 21 could drive legally with the same blood alcohol level.

Are Vehicle Wrecks Treated Differently When the Driver is Under 18?

After being involved in an accident, the negligence claim against a minor driver for not acting reasonably under the circumstances would be the same as one made against an adult driver. If a case involves a minor as a plaintiff and proceeds to litigation, the minor’s parents would have to be involved in the claim or lawsuit, pursuant to the rules of civil procedure.  The parent, in his or her capacity as the natural guardian of the minor, is named as a party to the case.

Regardless of either driver’s age, insurance companies must show how one driver was negligent under the particular circumstances of the accident, what decisions that driver made, whether those decisions were reasonable or not, and whether they should be at fault. Whether a teen driver was struck by another motorist, or was the one responsible for an accident, a local attorney should be contacted at the onset of a case.

Contact a Western PA Teen Driver Accident Attorney Today

Unfortunately, due to their lack of experience, teenage drivers are more likely to be involved in serious vehicle wrecks. These collisions can be devastating, and result in catastrophic harm to occupants of all vehicles involved. Whether your child was unable to avoid a collision with a negligent driver or if you were struck by an inexperienced teen motorist, you should seek guidance from a well-practiced attorney. A Western PA teen driver accident lawyer at Marcus & Mack could provide a thorough case evaluation for free during your initial consultation. Call our office today to get started.

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