Any type of truck accident can be devastating, but side-impact collisions tend to cause catastrophic harm and losses. Side-impact truck accidents in DuBois tend to be much more severe because the passenger side of a vehicle offers less protection for the driver and occupants than the front and rear. If a trucker does not come to a complete stop or does not wait to make a turn until it is safe, he or she can T-Bone a passing vehicle. In other cases, a truck driver could cause a crash because he or she is distracted, tired, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

If you or a loved one suffers serious injuries due to a negligent truck driver or his or her employer, you have a right to pursue legal action. Our seasoned semi-truck crash attorneys at Marcus & Mack can help you seek the justice you deserve. Our diligent lawyers can file a lawsuit to secure compensation for all of your losses related to the crash. Call today so our team can get to work on your case.

Frequent Causes of Side-Impact Truck Wrecks

Side-impact truck accidents happen when a truck crashes into the side of another vehicle. In any accident, passengers have the least amount of protection on the side of the car—but due to the size and weight of commercial trucks—these collisions can destroy smaller passenger vehicles and cause serious or even fatal injuries.

Truck drivers receive training to ensure they can maneuver the vehicle safely and reduce the risk to others on the road. When driving, truckers are taught to check blind spots and avoid distractions. In fact, federal law requires truckers to take frequent breaks and prohibits cell phone use. Yet the unfortunate truth is that side-impact truck collisions in DuBois are often caused by trucker negligence, for example:

Although driver negligence is often a factor in side-impact truck accidents, other common factors include overloaded or overweight cargo, mechanical failures, bad weather conditions, and road hazards. If you were hurt in this type of accident, reach out to an experienced injury attorney to investigate the cause of the crash and help determine if you have a claim against the driver and his or her employer for your injuries.

Determining Liability for Side-Impact Truck Collisions

After a T-Bone truck accident in DuBois, many people assume only the truck driver is responsible. However, it is crucial to consult a qualified lawyer because, depending on the circumstances of the crash, you may also have a claim against the trucker’s employer. Under vicarious liability, employers are liable for their employee’s negligence that occurs within the course and scope of his or her employment. This means that if a truck driver causes an accident, his or her employer could share fault for your injuries.

However, many trucking companies classify drivers as independent contractors in a clever attempt to avoid liability. Our proactive team of legal professionals can work to prove the trucker was acting within the scope of their employment at the time of the crash so that you can also hold the employer responsible for your losses.

Discuss Your Case With a DuBois Side-Impact Truck Accident Attorney

Side-impact truck accidents in DuBois can cause significant harm, particularly due to the limited protection on the side of smaller vehicles.

At Marcus & Mack, we understand the impact these collisions can have on people’s lives and are committed to helping injured individuals seek justice and compensation. When you or a loved one are hurt in this kind of crash, our dedicated attorneys are prepared to help you pursue legal action. Call today for a free case review and guidance on asserting your legal rights.

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