Driving under the influence is dangerous under any circumstances; however, when commercial truck drivers engage in this reckless behavior, it can be even more catastrophic. Yet, drunk driving truck accidents in DuBois are incredibly common. There are federal regulations in place that regulate how long truck drivers can work, but rates of substance abuse remain high among truck drivers. Working long hours and the pressure to make deadlines can negatively impact drivers and make them more likely to cope with alcohol or other substances.

There is no excuse for drunk driving, and truckers are responsible if he or she causes a crash while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. When you suffer injuries in a collision caused by an intoxicated truck driver, contact Marcus & Mack to learn more about your legal options. Our dedicated truck accident attorneys can review your claim and help you file a lawsuit against the trucker and his or her employer if they acted negligently.

Dangers of Drunk Driving for Truckers

Just like any other motorist, truck drivers in DuBois and across the country are prohibited from driving while intoxicated. The laws for truckers are actually heightened due to the dangerous nature of his or her job. Those driving passenger vehicles are prohibited from operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 percent or more, but for truckers, the legal limit is much less, 0.04 percent. Furthermore, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires trucking companies to monitor employees via regular drug and alcohol testing. Similarly, truckers are prohibited from drinking for up to four hours before his or her shift and cannot store alcohol anywhere in the vehicle.

Truck Accidents Caused by Drunk Driving

Driving a commercial truck is much different from operating other vehicles due to its size and weight. It can be difficult to control the truck in an accident, especially when alcohol impairs the trucker. Some common types of truck accidents caused by drunk driving in DuBois include:

Rear-End Accidents

When a truck driver is intoxicated, he or she may not see if a vehicle ahead has slowed down or stopped and could hit the vehicle from behind.

Head-On Collision

A drunk truck driver could cause a head-on accident by traveling the wrong way on the road or crossing the center line.

Fatigued Driving Accident

Intoxicated truck drivers can easily fall asleep behind the wheel, causing them to drift out of his or her lane and into other vehicles.

Jackknife Accidents

Jackknife truck crashes often occur when a truck trailer swings away from the cab. Drunk truck drivers who are speeding or driving recklessly can cause this type of accident.

Rollover Accidents

Commercial trucks have a high center of gravity and are already more susceptible to a rollover. Driving under the influence only magnifies the risk of a rollover crash.

Enlist the Help of a DuBois Attorney After a Drunk Driving Truck Accident

Our truck accident lawyers have years of experience helping injured people like you recover financially for injuries caused by someone else’s negligence. If you were hurt in a drunk driving truck accident in DuBois, the trucker is liable for your damages.

When you hire our experienced attorneys at Marcus & Mack, we will thoroughly review the circumstances of your wreck and collect the evidence necessary to prove liability against the truck driver and the trucking company. Then, we will build a strong legal case seeking comprehensive compensation for your accident-related losses. A successful claim could reimburse your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Call to schedule your free consultation with one of our capable legal professionals.

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