It is no secret that truck drivers spend many hours on the road delivering cargo. However, with such irregular schedules, truckers often suffer from sleep deprivation and fatigue. There are significant risks with fatigued driving; it delays reaction time and puts other vehicles at risk. The dangers of fatigued truck driving are even more serious given the size and weight of commercial trucks.

Fatigued truck drivers in DuBois accidents are liable for their negligence. Likewise, if an employer requires a trucker to work long hours or skip breaks, they could be liable for the truck driver’s negligence. Trucking companies have a duty to limit the amount of hours drivers are on the road, so as to comply with the law. Yet these companies often prioritize profits and delivery schedules over the safety of drivers and other vehicles on the road.

When you are in a crash caused by an overly-tired truck driver, Marcus & Mack can help you pursue justice. Our team of skilled 18-wheeler accident attorneys can file a lawsuit on your behalf to secure compensation for your injuries and other losses related to the collision. Contact our office to learn more about your legal rights.

The Risks of Truck Driver Fatigue

When truckers do not get enough sleep, it can have a serious impact on their ability to safely operate their vehicle. The risks of fatigued truck driving include:

Delayed Reaction Times

Lack of sleep can slow down the trucker’s reaction time, increasing the risk of a serious accident.

Decreased Alertness

When drivers are tired, they are not as alert and can miss important signals on the road or not see other drivers.

Impacted Decision Making

A tired trucker may make poor decisions while driving like overestimating the distance between vehicles or when it is safe to change lanes.

Impaired Memory and Cognitive Function

Sleep deprivation impacts the driver’s memory and other cognitive functions, making an accident more likely.

Likewise, when a truck driver falls asleep at the wheel, he or she can lose control of the truck and cause a rollover truck accident or another serious collision. Drowsy driving is a dangerous behavior; researchers have even compared it to the dangers of drunk driving. Truckers in DuBois should prioritize rest and taking breaks to reduce the risk of an accident caused by fatigue.

Liability for Collisions Caused by Fatigued Truckers

Commercial truckers are under a lot of pressure to deliver their cargo on time and meet their deadlines. When they are behind schedule, they might skip a break, speed, or work long hours. Some companies will even encourage their drivers to engage in this reckless behavior. But make no mistake, truckers and trucking companies are legally responsible when their negligence causes others to suffer harm, such as in crashes caused by drowsy truck drivers in DuBois.

You can pursue compensation when a truck driver or his or her employer acts carelessly or recklessly. A successful settlement or court award could reimburse you for the cost of medical care, lost income, pain and suffering, and emotional distress.

Our DuBois Attorneys Hold Fatigued Truck Drivers Accountable for Accidents

Pursuing a lawsuit after being involved in a fatigued truck driver accident in DuBois can be challenging on your own. Our experienced legal professionals at Marcus & Mack can handle every aspect of your case so that you can focus on your recovery. Our attorneys can assist with collecting evidence, establishing liability, evaluating the full extent of your losses, and presenting a strong claim for damages.

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