When you come down with symptoms of an illness or suffer an injury, you expect the best possible treatment from your doctor. Despite their impressive credentials and experience, your doctors may not provide the level of professional care that you expect.

Medical errors are common, and they can also be deadly. Medical negligence is the third leading cause of death in the country. The number of patients who survive malpractice but suffer devastating injuries is even higher.

If you are living the consequences of a medical error, you do not have to suffer silently. By discussing your options with an experienced personal injury attorney, you could learn about your potential for financial recovery through litigation. A DuBois medical malpractice lawyer could help you seek justice from the healthcare professional responsible for your injuries.

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Pre-Suit Requirements in a Malpractice Case

A DuBois medical malpractice attorney must obtain a “certificate of merit” before filing suit.

According to 231 Pa. Code § 1042.3, a claimant must file a certificate of merit within sixty days of filing the initial complaint. If he or she fails to file the certificate in that time frame, the court could dismiss the case.

A certificate of merit is a document verifying that an appropriate licensed medical professional, such as a doctor with expertise in the applicable practice area, has reviewed the case and determined that there is a reasonable probability the defendant’s conduct deviated from the standard of care and injured the plaintiff.

The expert that the plaintiff relies on does not have to testify at trial. However, he or she must exhibit the education and knowledge in the relevant medical field.

Medical Error Damages

In a successful medical error claim, an injured claimant could seek several kinds of damages in DuBois. Not every loss will lead to the same amount of compensation, however, as the amount of the damage award is based on the severity of a plaintiff’s trauma.

Medical bills are often a large part of any malpractice claim. A plaintiff in a malpractice case might require additional medical care as a result of the negligent treatment of the original ailment.

Some jurisdictions apply damage caps specifically to medical malpractice cases. These caps arbitrarily limit the amount of money a plaintiff could recover for damages such as pain and suffering. Fortunately, there are no such caps in DuBois.

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If you have experienced malpractice in the healthcare setting, the resulting injuries could have dramatically impacted your life. These medical errors could lead to extended hospital stays, mounting medical debt, and a lifetime of pain and suffering.

The good news is that plaintiffs in medical malpractice suits may recover compensation for their injuries. Call right away to let a DuBois medical malpractice lawyer with Marcus & Mack help you successfully obtain compensation for your medical injuries.

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