Severe accidents can result in catastrophic harm. These injuries may include the loss of a limb, harm to the brain or spinal cord, or other debilitating losses. These terrible accidents may occur because someone acted carelessly or recklessly, thereby endangering the lives and safety of others. These negligent individuals may be held liable for their actions and the harm they produce.

With help from a DuBois catastrophic injury lawyer, those who suffer these traumatic losses may have legal recourse. A skilled personal injury attorney could help with filing a lawsuit seeking financial compensation to account for these losses.

Litigation Process for Traumatic Injuries

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When a person has been hurt and suffered severe harm, this injured plaintiff can attempt to achieve an out-of-court settlement with the at-fault party’s insurance company.  If a settlement cannot be reached, a lawsuit can be filed in the Clearfield County Court of Common Pleas or another court having jurisdiction. The Complaint names the defendants who the claimant alleges caused their injuries.

Once his or her lawsuit has begun, both the plaintiff and the defendant will engage in a process called discovery. During the discovery process, both parties will request information and evidence from the opposing party as both sides attempt to grasp the strengths and weaknesses of the claims and defenses.

Once the parties have concluded the discovery phase, the case may proceed to trial before a judge or jury. The plaintiff will prevail if the judge or jury finds it to be more likely true than not that the defendant acted carelessly or recklessly and, in so doing, caused the plaintiff’s injuries. If the plaintiff is successful, the judge or jury will also determine the amount of compensation the claimant should receive.

Even seemingly minor mistakes could cause a claimant to be unsuccessful in trial or receive a significantly reduced recovery. Retaining a qualified DuBois injury lawyer’s assistance may help plaintiffs avoid these legal pitfalls during their catastrophic injury claim.

Substantial Damages for Catastrophic Losses

The costs associated with recovering from severe personal injuries can be tremendous, especially when one considers a plaintiff’s immediate expenses and long-term needs. A successful lawsuit may provide claimants with a monetary recovery they may use to address:

  • Past and future medical expenses, treatments, and procedures
  • Lost wages because of missed work or reduced earning capacity in the future
  • Assistive devices or services that may be necessary
  • Physical pain and anguish associated with the injury and subsequent recovery
  • Loss of self-esteem or confidence due to a permanent injury
  • Inability to fully enjoy or engage in life’s activities

Plaintiffs may find benefit in consulting with a personal injury lawyer when considering the compensation they should seek through their suit. An experienced catastrophic injury attorney in DuBois could consider not only the expenditures the plaintiff already sustained but also what resources he or she will need in the future. This might help keep plaintiffs from settling their case for too little compensation or from presenting an incomplete picture of their needs to a judge or jury.

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You should take swift action if you have been hurt by another’s careless acts and suffered severe harm. Speak to a DuBois catastrophic injury lawyer about your potential right to recover financial damages. A Marcus & Mack attorney could help you commence a civil lawsuit against negligent defendants to help you provide for your and your family’s needs.

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