For many, riding a bicycle to work or school is a healthy, cost-effective means of transportation. A bike offers far more options for parking and can cut time off a commute for many people.

However, bicycles offer little protection, leaving riders exposed to potential risks. If a driver collides with a person riding their bike, the results can be devastating. If you were involved in a collision while riding your bike, an experienced DuBois bicycle accident lawyer might be able to help you. With the guidance of a seasoned personal injury attorney in DuBois, you could seek financial compensation for your injuries.

Understanding the Risks of Cycling

There are many different risks cyclists face on Pennsylvania roads. Acquiring an attorney who knows the different ways bike wrecks occur could help injured cyclists build a claim personalized to their case.

“Dooring” is one of the most unexpected types of accidents. Dooring occurs when a car owner carelessly opens the door of their vehicle in the path of a cyclist, causing the biker to crash into the door. When traveling at high speed, the injuries from this type of accident could be severe.

Another significant risk for cyclists is having a reckless or careless motorist run them off the road. Some drivers fail to give cyclists enough room to navigate in a lane, forcing them off the road to avoid getting hit by the car.

A large number of collisions between bikers and motorists occur due to driver inattentiveness. When drivers ignore or fail to notice bicyclists, they could cut a cyclist off, collide with them in an intersection, or rear-end them at a stop sign. Injuries could be catastrophic due to the size and weight difference between vehicles and bicycles.

Time Limits for Filing a Bike Crash Lawsuit

Given the devastating injuries that often result from a vehicle striking a cyclist, it is common for injured bikers to pursue legal remedies for the losses. Obtaining compensation for their losses often requires the filing of a personal injury lawsuit. With any civil suit, there is a strict deadline for bringing a case.

The deadline that governs the filing of a bicycle wreck case is called the statute of limitations. A plaintiff must file his or her lawsuit within two years from the date of the accident. If a DuBois bicycle accident plaintiff fails to comply with the statute, the court could prevent them from bringing a claim on behalf of the injured biker.

Call a DuBois Bicycle Accident Attorney Immediately

Following a bicycle wreck, you could find yourself facing serious financial challenges. Your injuries could force you to miss work, and medical bills can quickly begin to add up. Fortunately, a successful personal injury claim could provide you with the compensation you need to recover from the accident fully.

With the experienced guidance of a DuBois bicycle accident lawyer, you could seek financial recovery to cover all of your accident-related expenses and hold the negligent driver accountable for your losses. To learn more, call and schedule your initial case consultation.

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