A severe blow to the head or the violent forces of a vehicle collision can leave someone suffering from a traumatic brain injury. These catastrophic injuries can permanently impact an individual’s ability to work and engage in daily activities. In some severe cases, injured individuals may need round-the-clock assistance to care for themselves.

When a traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs as the result of another person’s negligent actions, injured claimants may be able to recover compensation. A qualified DuBois catastrophic injury attorney could help a claimant seek compensation for medical costs, missed pay and wages, and non-economic losses he or she experienced. Speaking with a DuBois traumatic brain injury lawyer could improve your chances of receiving a fair recovery.

Treatment for Traumatic Brain Damage

After being involved in a serious accident, the injured person must seek medical treatment if he or she suspects to have sustained a TBI. This is because the harm from a traumatic brain injury can worsen if it goes untreated, sometimes causing permanent damage. Treatment may include brain scans to determine the extent of damage the person sustained. From there, the person’s medical team will usually develop a course of treatment to mitigate further damage to the person’s brain and his or her ability to complete routine tasks.

Beyond initial treatment, persons with a TBI may require rehabilitative services to attempt to regain lost functionality. These services may last several months or longer but are an important part of the person’s overall recovery.

Individuals who suffer severe brain trauma due to another person’s careless actions can file a civil claim against the negligent party. Through the filing of a civil lawsuit, these individuals may be able to receive compensation for the costs of these medical services, including hospital visits, diagnostic scans, medical procedures, and follow-up visits. A knowledgeable TBI attorney in DuBois could help build a strong claim to secure the monetary compensation needed for the person’s past and future needs.

Recovering Compensation for TBI Expenses

It falls upon a claimant to prove that a defendant caused his or her injuries due to acting recklessly or carelessly. A DuBois traumatic brain injury attorney could gather proof that the at-fault party behaved negligently, as well as evidence of the total damages sustained by the claimant as a result.

Building a case by amassing and presenting evidence and witness testimony may be a time-consuming task. Still, a resourceful TBI attorney could take the pressure off of plaintiffs by doing this critical work.

Seek Help from a DuBois Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

If a doctor has diagnosed you or a loved one with a traumatic brain injury following an accident, speaking to a qualified DuBois traumatic brain injury lawyer may be in your best interests. You may be eligible to obtain compensation for your medical and other expenses if another’s senseless actions caused your injuries. Speak with an attorney at Marcus & Mack to learn more about your rights and how to protect them.

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