Those who suffer burn injuries have a significant likelihood of being left with scars or other disfigurements. Like other severe personal injuries, burns may require one or more surgical procedures for the wound to heal and to minimize the appearance of scars. Burns, especially second and third-degree, are catastrophic injuries that can produce severe pain and which also require significant costs for treatment.

Burns may result from another’s carelessness or failure to take simple precautions. When this occurs, the burn victim may be eligible to receive monetary damages for the cost of treatment and as compensation for pain and suffering with the help of a traumatic injury attorney. A DuBois burn injury lawyer may help these individuals pursue claims for financial compensation.

Who Could Be Liable for a Burn Injury?

In cases where a person suffers burns, the individual or company who caused the incident that resulted in the burns is generally responsible for paying the injured person’s economic and non-economic expenses. If a person or entity committed a negligent act, and this action caused the events that led to a plaintiff’s burns, that person or entity may face a civil suit from the injured plaintiff. Potential defendants whom the plaintiff might sue include:

  • Manufacturers of chemicals who fail to label their products properly
  • Electricians or other construction crews who improperly install electrical wiring or leave dangerous outlets exposed
  • Designers and producers of faulty electronic devices that unexpectedly heat to hazardous levels

The facts of any burn accident case will reveal whether the defendant’s behavior was careless and if it was the cause of the plaintiff’s injuries. Gathering the evidence needed to make this determination may be cumbersome for injured individuals, but a burn accident lawyer in DuBois could help plaintiffs complete this important task and file suit against negligent defendants.

Seeking Full Compensation for Burns in DuBois

Extensive second-degree burns and nearly all third-degree burns should warrant a trip to the emergency room for treatment. The initial costs of treatment may pale in comparison to the ongoing expenses and losses the burn victim may face. Lawsuits brought against careless defendants may provide plaintiffs with compensation for these losses, which may include:

  • Emergency room treatment and hospitalizations
  • Skin grafts and other surgical procedures
  • Prescription drugs to fight infection
  • Wages the plaintiff missed
  • Pain, discomfort, and physical and mental trauma the plaintiff experienced
  • Disfigurement and loss of self-esteem and confidence
  • Inability or unwillingness to participate in hobbies or social activities

As part of their lawsuits, plaintiffs must also present evidence of the harm they suffered and the amount of monetary damages needed to compensate them adequately. The claimant must consider both their immediate expenses and the long-term costs of their burn injuries. Attorneys with experience in prosecuting burn injury cases in DuBois have the background necessary to help plaintiffs consider, and adequately calculate, the full amount of damages they need for their situations.

Talk with a DuBois Burn Injury Attorney About Your Case

After suffering a serious burn, it is advisable to speak with a knowledgeable DuBois burn injury lawyer about your rights. Your attorney may evaluate your situation and help you decide whether filing a lawsuit to seek compensation makes sense for you. A Marcus & Mack attorney could assist you in making an informed decision about how you might protect your legal rights and interests.

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