Front-end car accidents in Cambria County, also called head-on collisions, are among the deadliest vehicle accidents. People who survive these dangerous wrecks often suffer severe, permanent injuries.

If you lost a loved one in this type of accident, or were involved in a crash yourself and suffered injuries, connect with a seasoned auto collision attorney right away. An attorney could help you prove the other driver was negligent, calculate your damages, and ensure any settlement you agree to is fair.

Front-End Accidents Happen When Someone is Negligent

Front-end accidents result from two cars traveling in opposite directions colliding head-to-head. This could occur if one car is traveling in the wrong lane against the flow of traffic, passes another on a two-lane highway without sufficient room, or loses control of a vehicle and veers into oncoming traffic. Sometimes, another collision could propel a car into oncoming traffic, causing a broadside crash.

A driver’s negligence or recklessness often causes a head-on collision. These accidents might happen if a driver is:

  • Operating a vehicle while under the influence of intoxicants;
  • Traveling at excessively high speeds;
  • Racing;
  • Fatigued and falls asleep while driving; or
  • Distracted and loses control of the vehicle.

Sometimes a head-on collision might occur under other circumstances. Perhaps a driver suffered a health event such as a seizure or stroke or swerved suddenly to avoid a person who darted into the road. Some types of mechanical failure might cause a vehicle to encroach into another lane and cause a front-end crash. In these instances, if the medical issue or mechanical failure was unforeseeable, there might not be legal liability.  A knowledgeable Cambria County attorney could review police reports, witness statements, and physical evidence to identify parties whose negligence likely contributed to a head-on accident.

Injuries From Head-On Collisions Could Be Severe

Front-end accidents often cause fatalities and serious injuries to the survivors. Even when vehicles are equipped with airbags, the force of two moving vehicles colliding at high speeds creates a devastating impact that human bodies cannot absorb without suffering serious harm.

Significant injuries often result from front-end vehicle crashes in Cambria County. These include severe damage to the face, such as fractured orbital bones and eye damage that could lead to blindness as well as cuts and abrasions that might leave disfiguring scars. Seat belts and airbags could cause broken ribs, shoulders, and clavicles, which could lead to punctured lungs and other internal injuries. People in front-end accidents sometimes even suffer traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries.

Such injuries often require substantial, ongoing medical treatment and could leave the injured person permanently disabled. A proactive attorney could review medical records and interview the injured person to assess the financial and emotional losses they suffered and seek appropriate compensation.

Recoverable Damages After a Front-End Crash

A person injured in a front-end accident who can prove the crash was the other driver’s fault could claim damages from the at-fault driver. Damages include the victim’s expenses and losses related to the accident, such as costs of medical care and lost time at work. If the injuries require ongoing treatment or will prevent the injured person from resuming his or her former job, damages could include future expenses and losses.

Depending on the circumstances, an injured person could claim damages for his or her pain, suffering, and the accident’s other non-economic impacts. An experienced attorney could explain whether non-economic damages might be available in a specific case.

If an injured person bears some responsibility for the accident but was not primarily to blame, 42 P.S. §7102 allows the victim to collect reduced damages. A jury will allocate fault among the parties and reduce an injured person’s damages by a percentage equal to his or her degree of fault.  As long as the victim was not more at-fault than the defendant, the victim can still make a reduced recovery.

Trust an Attorney in Cambria County to Handle a Front-End Accident Claim

The car insurance liability system in Pennsylvania is complicated. Injured people often fare best if they rely on a qualified legal professional to handle his or her claim.

Allow a local attorney to handle your claim after a front-end car accident in Cambria County. By placing your demand for damages in our team’s capable hands, you could focus on regaining your health while we do the work of holding responsible parties liable. Schedule a case review with one of the skilled lawyers at Marcus & Mack today.

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