Side-impact or T-bone crashes happen when one vehicle drives into the side panel of another. These accidents can be extremely dangerous and could result in catastrophic and even fatal injuries.

An experienced motor vehicle collision attorney could provide valuable advice to victims of side-impact car accidents in Cambria County. If you suffered injuries in a T-bone crash on local roads, do not try to handle your claim without professional assistance. Work with a skilled auto collision lawyer to get the compensation you deserve.

Side-Impact Crashes Could Cause Significant Injuries

The side panels of vehicles have less reinforcement than the front or rear-ends of the vehicle. While many modern vehicles are equipped with side airbags, offering protection against fatal injuries, a forceful side-impact collision still could cause vehicle occupants to suffer serious injuries, especially those sitting on the side that absorbs the impact.

Vehicle occupants often sustain severe chest injuries in these types of crashes, including:

  • Fractured ribs;
  • Lung punctures;
  • Crushed sternum; and
  • Aortic injuries.

Injuries to the torso could cause severe internal bleeding. Facial and head injuries might result from broken side windows. Neck, back, and shoulder injuries are also common. Complex fractures and even traumatic amputations on the side of the impact are possible, particularly if a person had an arm out the window.

Many injuries sustained in side-impact accidents could require extensive medical intervention, require significant time off work, and force the injured person to hire help to complete household tasks he or she typically performs. The total cost of these losses and expenditures constitute the injured person’s economic damages. A Cambria County attorney could help an individual document the extent of his or her losses to prove his or her damages following a T-bone collision.

Negligence Causes Most T-Bone Crashes

When one vehicle crashes into the side of another, one or both drivers usually erred. T-bone crashes often happen at intersections when a vehicle moves through a red light or stop sign without halting. They also could occur if a vehicle makes a left turn without yielding to oncoming traffic. Sometimes a driver backing up in a parking space or exiting a driveway collides with the side of a passing vehicle.

Other parties sometimes have a role in a side-impact crash. If a stop sign was damaged or covered by vegetation, for example, the local government responsible for road maintenance could have liability. If a vehicle’s brakes failed, the manufacturer might be liable. A diligent Cambria County attorney could investigate an accident’s circumstances to determine which parties could be responsible for the accident.

Sometimes an injured person is partially at-fault for the accident, and in that case, they cannot collect all of his or her damages. The law allows a negligent plaintiff to receive damages from other negligent parties, but he or she can only collect the percentage that is attributable to the other parties’ actions.

Working With an Attorney Offers Significant Benefits

Sometimes people who suffer injuries in a motor vehicle wreck prefer to wait before taking legal action. The injured person might assume that the at-fault driver’s insurance company will offer a fair settlement eventually and that bringing an attorney into the mix would cause unnecessary complications and delay. In fact, having a legal representative handle negotiations with the at-fault driver’s insurer often speeds up the process and results in a higher settlement.

Engaging a legal professional soon after a Cambria County side-impact collision provides numerous benefits. The attorney could identify all potentially negligent parties and hold them responsible for their part in the crash. An accident victim without representation might not consider bringing a claim against a manufacturer or a local government.

Having legal representation also helps ensure that an injured person does not miss any critical deadlines. For example, if the Commonwealth or a local government bears some responsibility for a side-impact crash, 42 P.S. 5522 requires the injured person must provide notice of his or her claim within six months of the injury.

Work With an Attorney in Cambria County After a Side-Impact Collision

When another vehicle hits your vehicle broadside, you are likely to suffer serious injuries. Collecting a reasonable sum to compensate for your losses could be challenging if you do not have professional assistance.

Work with a local attorney to pursue damages after a side-impact car accident in Cambria County. With professional guidance, you could receive the settlement you deserve. Call Marcus & Mack today.

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