Despite the protection provided by the spine’s vertebrae, the spinal cord is still incredibly susceptible to sustaining debilitating and permanent harm from external impacts. If an accident caused by someone else’s misconduct leads to this life-altering outcome, there may unfortunately be no amount of civil compensation large enough to restore you completely to your pre-accident condition.

Working with a Cambria County catastrophic harm attorney to demand fair compensation for your current and future losses is key to preserving your future prospects and improving your quality of life after this kind of incident. A capable Cambria County spinal cord injury lawyer’s help could make a huge difference in how effectively you could demonstrate the value of your case and how much compensation you could ultimately obtain.

What Makes Trauma to the Spine So Severe?

The fact that the spinal cord is the sole connection between the brain and the central nervous system is the main reason why spinal cord injuries can be so devastating. Any damage done to this crucial bundle of nerves invariably impairs communication between the body and brain, and because the spinal cord cannot heal itself naturally the way other body parts can, these kinds of injuries are very often permanent.

Even in less severe situations where the spinal cord is only bruised or partially torn, these “incomplete” injuries still may necessitate years of medical treatment and rehabilitative care in order to potentially restore an injured person back to full health. On the other hand, “complete injuries” that involve the complete severing of the spinal cord are always permanent and always result in total paralysis below the injury’s location.

In the most severe situations, spine trauma near or at the neck can cause complete paralysis of the entire body, also known as quadriplegia. Regardless of the nature of a particular spinal cord injury in Cambria County, a qualified attorney’s assistance could be critical to recovering fairly for every impact that injury will have on a person’s life.

Recovering for Past and Future Damages

In the short term, spinal cord damage can be incredibly difficult and expensive to treat, and even individuals with prospects of future recovery may still miss months of income from work, go through substantial physical pain and emotional trauma, and have to deal with various personal losses and an overall decline in enjoyment of life. All these losses and others can be factored into an ensuing civil claim against the person responsible for causing the injury in question through his or her own reckless or careless conduct.

However, because people suffering from spinal cord damage are subject to the same two-year statutory filing deadline as all other personal injury claimants, it is not possible to wait until the full scope and value of future damages like lost earning capacity, rehabilitative care costs, and lost enjoyment of life become apparent before filing suit. Support from a seasoned spinal cord injury lawyer in Cambria County is crucial to accurately estimating the value of future losses and pursuing fair compensation for victims.

Talk to a Cambria County Spinal Cord Injury Attorney About Recovery Options

Whether it happens in an auto accident, from a doctor or surgeon’s mistake, through a fall, or in any other way, spinal cord trauma is invariably a life-changing experience to live through. Fortunately, you can still hold a negligent individual accountable for the full value of damages you sustained and will sustain from his or her negligence even if that momentary reckless or careless action will have lifelong repercussions for you.

A qualified Cambria County spinal cord injury lawyer could explain your options and rights in detail over the course of a private consultation. Schedule yours by calling Marcus & Mack today.

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