There are several mistakes an injured person could make following a truck wreck that could harm their claim. Following a collision, it is imperative that you know what to avoid and what steps to take in order to maximize your compensation. Fortunately, an experienced truck accident attorney could give you legal advice and help you recover damages. Read below to learn about the mistakes to avoid after a truck accident in Altoona and how a lawyer could help you.

Admitting Fault Following a Truck Collision

When someone is involved in a truck accident, it is crucial for them to avoid admitting fault at the scene. Admitting liability is one of the biggest mistakes to avoid after a truck accident in Altoona. Doing so could bar the individual from recovering truck accident damages. It is also important for the victim to avoid apologizing as some may view that as admitting fault.

Refusing Medical Treatment

Refusing medical care after a truck collision is another mistake people should avoid making. If someone refuses medical treatment, the insurance company or defense attorney could claim that the individual is not hurt because they did not seek medical care.

After a wreck, people have high adrenaline which could make them think that they are not as injured as they may actually be. Therefore, it is critical for people to seek medical treatment to be sure that they are okay. Also, a delay in seeking care could be used against them in their claim.

Not Following Doctor’s Orders

Refusing medical treatment following a wreck is crucial and so is following a doctor’s orders. Not following up with the doctor could cause issues in one’s recovery time. Also, not doing so could be used by the defense to claim that the claimant’s injuries are not as significant as they say they are.

Giving Recorded Statements to the Insurance Company

It is a significant mistake after a truck accident in Altoona to give a recorded statement to the insurance company before consulting an attorney. It is important to understand that the insurance company is not asking the person questions to help their case. Instead, the insurance company is trying to avoid liability and pay the least amount of money as possible.

Many people make the mistake of giving a recorded statement due to pressure and not realizing the insurance company’s intentions. Fortunately, a seasoned lawyer could speak on the injured victim’s behalf and protect their interests.

Cashing a Check Before Consulting an Attorney

Insurance companies are out to protect its best interests and may offer an injured person a check early on in the process to resolve the claim. However, the check it offers may not be near the amount that the claim is worth. Once a person cashes the check the insurance company offers them, they cannot go back and ask for more money. The insurance company is trying to save money, not fairly compensate injured victims. Therefore, it is essential for individuals to reach out to a lawyer who could advise on whether or not it is wise to cash the check or hold off and fight for more damages.

Failing to Contact a Lawyer Following a Truck Accident

It is a mistake to fail to contact an attorney after a truck collision as soon as possible. Personal injury lawyers could help gather evidence and fight for the best interests of the injured victim. For more information about the mistakes to avoid after a truck accident Altoona and how an attorney could help, contact us today. Let our team at Marcus & Mack help you recover the compensation you deserve.

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