Trucks are more likely to have difficulty handling poor weather due to their size and the fact that they tend to be in a hurry to get loads somewhere on time. Some truckers are paid by the loads and they are just so encouraged to make that one extra load per day to make more money. These trucks do not handle like a car handles, so rollover cases are common on tight areas of roadways. There is also decreased stopping power on wet roadways.

If you have been injured in a collision, consider contacting an Altoona truck accident involving bad weather lawyer for legal aid. Economic damages, non-economic damages, pain and suffering, medical bills, and past and future wages are all recoverable damages in dangerous weather truck accidents.

Road Conditions in Altoona

The roads in Altoona are particularly susceptible to the effects of bad weather. Pennsylvania has a pretty distinct topography, and roads tend to be extremely windy, curvy, with steep uphills and downhills. There is also a wide variety of roads, from high-speed interstates to very back-country rural roads where there not even painted divider lines between the two lanes. As a result, these roads become particularly dangerous during rain, snow, or other inclement weather.

Trucks in Altoona, and coal trucks in particular, must often navigate narrow and rural roads at night and in inclement weather. If you have been injured in a collision with a truck caused by bad weather, consider reaching out to an Altoona personal injury lawyer.

Initial Steps to Take Following a Truck Accident

The initial steps to take after being involved in a truck accident triggered by severe conditions are the same as for every accident: Get to a place of safety and make sure they are okay. After that, documenting evidence becomes extremely important. Altoona is in a unique area for freeze-thaws, so what could be an extremely icy roadway at the time of a collision may not be hours later, let alone the next day. Taking photographs of the scene as soon as possible after an accident could be crucial.

A plaintiff or their lawyer should also try to secure a copy of the police accident report promptly. The police report should note any type of weather condition, time of day, and the lighting of the scene. Even in the ambulance records, the medics might indicate that they fell on the ice while trying to get to clients. There are lots of ways to prove that weather conditions caused the accident.

Assignment of Fault

Dangerous weather may or may not impact assignment of fault in a truck accident in Altoona, depending on the specific circumstances. Trucking companies or their insurers may try to use weather as a defense, hoping that it is something that a jury will attach themselves to because everyone has driven in bad weather and nobody likes to think they are at fault. Nonetheless, the duty is the same. Drivers have a responsibility to know what the weather conditions are. Their duty is to protect against the dangers associated with the weather condition.

Hiring a Bad Weather Truck Accident Attorney

If you have been hurt by a truck collision in snow, rain, or other inclement weather, consider reaching out to a personal injury attorney. An Altoona truck accident involving bad weather lawyer may know exactly what to look for, when to look for what experts to call, and what evidence is going to be crucial to your case. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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