Major fires and explosions can cause horrific injuries to people that can lead to permanent disfigurement, disability, or even death. When these accidents are caused by the negligence of a person or company, the injured plaintiff is entitled to seek financial compensation.

If you were injured in a fire or explosion, an experienced Altoona fire and explosions accident lawyer is prepared to help you seek financial compensation. By working with an Altoona personal injury attorney could improve your chances of a full and fair recovery.

Understanding the Complexities of Fire Accidents

Accidents that involve a fire are often very complex. One of the first things that must be determined is how the fire started. Determining the origin of the fire often requires the use of experts to not only discover what started the fire, but to also adequately prove it in court. Fires can be started by bad electrical wiring, defective equipment, inadequate inspections, or the negligence of an individual person. Determining the cause is an extremely important part of a successful personal injury claim related to a fire.

A skilled fire injury lawyer may work with qualified experts in the area to determine how the fire started and who may be at fault. This can help establish liability for the plaintiff’s injuries at trial and substantially increase the chances of collecting adequate financial compensation.

How Could an Explosion Occur in Altoona?

Like fire accidents, explosion accidents require proof of what caused the explosion. Expert testimony in these cases is often essential. Explosions can occur in the home, at work, or anywhere else a plaintiff is visiting. An explosion may be caused by improper maintenance of equipment, employee negligence, failure to maintain proper fire control procedures, or any number of other causes.

Injuries Common to Fires and Explosions

When a person is in a fire or explosion, the injuries he or she suffers can be extensive and extremely devastating. These injuries are often permanent and can potentially prevent a person from working or engaging in certain hobbies.

These injuries include, but are not limited to:

  • Serious burns throughout the body
  • Permanent scarring and skin damage
  • Damage to deep tissue
  • Loss of limbs and organs
  • Blindness
  • Damage to lungs
  • Infections related to recovery
  • Death

All of these injuries deserve compensation when they are the result of negligence by another.

Seeking Financial Compensation

The primary goal of a civil lawsuit is to recover financial compensation for the injured plaintiff. To do this requires proof of negligence and a winning trial strategy by the plaintiff’s attorney.

In a successful fire and explosions accident case, an Altoona attorney could help an injured party recover:

  • Medical bills
  • Long-term care treatment bills
  • Lost income and loss of earning capacity
  • Property damage costs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Wrongful death

These damages are designed to help a plaintiff put his or her life back together and shift the costs to the party responsible for causing the fire or explosion.

Speak with an Altoona Fire and Explosions Attorney Today

If you have suffered injuries from a fire or explosion, you need qualified legal counsel to help you seek the financial compensation you deserve. As these accidents can cause catastrophic harm, the recoverable damages are often substantial.

An experienced Altoona fire and explosions lawyer is ready to consult on your case and fight for compensation on your behalf. Schedule a free consultation at Marcus & Mack today.

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