Construction sites are dangerous places by nature. A typical construction site contains heavy equipment, deep pits, and many other potential hazards.

When visitors, passersby, or vehicles in transit are involved in an accident at or near a construction site, it is difficult for the injured person to know who to blame or where to turn for help. An Altoona construction site accident lawyer could help.

A seasoned Altoona personal injury attorney could identify the responsible parties and hold them financially liable for the harm you have suffered.

Work Zone Vehicle Accidents

Shot of team at Marcus & MackRoadway construction presents multiple hazards for motorists. Narrow and shifting lanes, merging traffic, heavy equipment, people working alongside moving traffic, dust, debris, and noise all contribute to potentially dangerous conditions for nearby drivers.

Negligence by the construction crew could also put motorists at risk of harm. For instance, if construction members do not mark a work zone appropriately or flag bearers assigned to direct traffic are inattentive. This can result in motorists colliding with each other, construction workers, or even pedestrians.

When negligence is a factor in a vehicle accident, the negligent party is liable for damages to anyone who was injured. In a vehicle accident in a construction zone, there could be several negligent parties. An experienced local construction zone accident attorney could look into the circumstances of a wreck to identify all potentially liable parties.

Injuries at Building Sites

Building sites are hives of activity, often populated by employees of multiple companies attempting to accomplish a specific task in close proximity to others and often using dangerous tools or equipment. Failure to adequately train construction crews, take safety seriously, and limit the hazards at sites could put anyone passing through or by the construction zone at risk of harm.

Cranes, scaffolding, elevated work platforms, and other overhead equipment could be improperly assembled or secured, creating a dangerous situation for passersby and visitors to a construction site. Similarly, falling tools and supplies from overhead work could injure people below. Debris, personal effects, supplies, and tools might obstruct paths through construction sites, posing a risk of falls, crushing injuries, and other mishaps.

When a visitor or passerby is injured at a construction site, it could be challenging to identify the potentially responsible party. A seasoned Altoona attorney could reconstruct the construction site accident, review witness statements, obtain site logs and billing records, and secure other relevant evidence to help an injured person determine who might be liable for his or her injuries.

Legal Deadline to File a Claim in Altoona

Lawyer Bryan S. Neiderhiser at his desk having a consultation with a team memberPennsylvania law allows a person two years from the date of his or her injury to bring a lawsuit seeking damages from negligent parties. This deadline is important, as courts will not hear a case that is filed too late, regardless of the validity of the claim. Additionally, it is often advisable to begin working on a construction zone case with a local attorney early in order to preserve important evidence.  Further, it is important for the attorney to have enough time to ensure that all parties are properly identified, which requires an examination of corporate filings, among other things.

The State of Pennsylvania and its local governments fund, support, staff, or are involved in many construction projects. That means that these government entities could be liable to someone injured in an accident at one of these sites. When a Pennsylvania unit of government is potentially a defendant in a personal injury case, 42 P.S. §5522 requires an injured person to notify the governmental entity of his or her claim within six months of the accident that led to the injury. This statutory notice must contain certain elements, and it is important to consult an attorney to ensure that this notice requirement is fulfilled.

Get in Touch with an Altoona Construction Site Accident Attorney

Robert S. Marcus, Altoona personal injury lawyerIf you have been injured in an accident at a construction site, you should not attempt to handle your claim alone. These cases are complicated, with many variables that could affect your claim. Allow an experienced professional to steer the process of securing appropriate compensation for your injuries.

A savvy Altoona construction site lawyer could ensure all filing deadlines are met while working to hold the parties responsible for your injuries accountable. Schedule a free consultation today at Marcus & Mack.

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