Many people rely on prescription or over-the-counter drugs to relieve the symptoms of illness or injury. While all drugs have side effects, sometimes those reactions can have devastating, long-term consequences.

If you have experienced severe side effects or permanent injuries from a medication, you may have grounds for a civil claim. A State College dangerous drugs lawyer could help you seek the compensation you deserve. By enlisting the help of a well-practiced personal injury attorney, you could improve your chances of a successful claim.

Proving Negligence in an Unsafe Medication Claim

In Pennsylvania, if a patient asserts that a drug caused harm, he or she must prove the defendant was negligent. This may require a claimant to prove there was a defect in the manufacturing of the drug or that the warning label was inadequate. If a plaintiff can show that the manufacturer knew or should have known that a drug was unreasonably dangerous, it may be possible to hold the company liable for allowing it to be on the market.

Hazardous drug cases are complex and require expert review and analysis. A seasoned attorney in State College experienced with unsafe medication cases could explore a range of potential avenues for recovery.

Types of Hazardous Drug Claims

It can be time-consuming to bring a negligence action against a pharmaceutical company. These defendants fight vigorously to defend the right to sell their products and often have more available resources than the plaintiff.

However, there are several ways for a State College dangerous drugs attorney to pursue a case besides suing the manufacturer for negligence. A claimant may have a medical malpractice case against a physician or hospital for administering or prescribing a drug improperly. Consumer protection laws might also offer an avenue for recovery if the advertising for the drug was false or misleading. In cases where a drug injures many consumers, class action lawsuits provide a way for plaintiffs to pool resources to defeat powerful drug companies. A knowledgeable lawyer could review a claimant’s case to determine how best to approach it.

Compensation is Available

If an unsafe drug causes catastrophic harm, the injured individual deserves compensation for his or her losses. The damages may include present and future medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and even compensation for inconvenience or embarrassment that occurred as a result of the injury or side effects.

Determining how much compensation a plaintiff deserves in a particular case requires a thorough analysis of many factors. A knowledgeable dangerous drugs lawyer in State College could help someone injured by a dangerous medication calculate his or her total damages.

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Manufacturers must be held accountable for the injuries or damages people suffer from taking their defective drugs. It is crucial to get a skilled attorney on your side as soon as you realize that you have suffered harm because of a drug as you have a limited time to file a lawsuit.

A knowledgeable State College dangerous drugs lawyer could analyze your case and determine what strategy is most likely to offer the best result. When you hire a Marcus & Mack attorney, you get a strong advocate to join you in the fight to get what you deserve. Call our office today.

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