On a cold, snowy, or rainy night, there is nothing quite like the convenience of having a warm, gourmet meal delivered straight to your front door. You do not have to worry about getting wet or parking your car at the restaurant. However, the convenience of food delivery services can sometimes come at a cost. Because so many people rely on these services, there are a lot of delivery service vehicles on State College roads at any given time, and sometimes these vehicles cause accidents.

If you were injured in a collision with a food delivery service car, you have the right to learn about your legal options. An informed State College Uber Eats accident lawyer could offer you advice and help you pursue financial recovery for your losses. Reach out to a dedicated motor vehicle crash attorney at our firm today to learn more.

Potentially Responsible Parties

In a typical car accident, a claimant usually only has to deal with his or her own insurance company and the other driver’s insurance company. In an accident involving a foodservice delivery vehicle, there is often more than one party involved. In addition to dealing with his own insurance company, a claimant might also have to negotiate with the at-fault Uber Eats driver’s insurance company, Uber Eats’ insurance company, and their defense attorneys.

Injured Claimant’s Insurance Company

With no-fault medical payments insurance, it does not matter who caused the accident. Under Pennsylvania law, the claimant’s own insurance company is generally responsible for paying the cost of his accident-related medical bills up to the policy’s coverage limits.

At-Fault Driver’s Insurance Company

Uber Eats requires its drivers to carry liability insurance. To collect damages from the driver in a personal injury suit or benefits from the driver’s personal insurance coverage, an injured individual must prove that the other driver caused the crash. A dedicated team of attorneys could help her look for evidence that the driver was speeding, drinking, texting, or otherwise driving negligently or recklessly.

Uber Eats’ Insurance Company

Because its drivers are not employees, Uber Eats is not vicariously liable for most of the errors made by its drivers. However, an injured person might prevail in a legal claim against Uber Eats if he could prove that the company did something wrong itself, such as hiring a driver with a bad driving record without performing a thorough background check.

A seasoned State College Uber Eats crash attorney could explain whether an injured individual might be eligible to receive benefits under Uber Eats’ company insurance policy.

Possible Recoverable Damages

Injured claimants could pursue comprehensive financial recovery for all kinds of losses. They could seek payment for their economic damages, such as their medical bills, lost wages, and property damages. They could also pursue recovery for some of their more intangible—non-economic losses—such as pain and suffering and mental anguish. Fortunately, Pennsylvania law does not cap the amount of recoverable damages against private citizens or companies.

A knowledgeable Uber Eats accident lawyer in State College could evaluate all of a claimant’s losses to help them pursue a full recovery.

Contact a State College Uber Eats Accident Attorney Now

Recovering damages and benefits after a crash with a delivery service vehicle is not easy in Pennsylvania. You should work with a State College Uber Eats lawyer who understands the law and knows how to get the results you need.

A proactive attorney could sit down with you to review all the insurance policies involved and let you know where to look and what you can hope to recover. They could work tirelessly to help you obtain the monetary damages you deserve. Reach out to the legal office of Marcus & Mack as soon as possible to discuss your case

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