Both during the school year and over the summer months, drunk driving is a serious problem in State College. If you were recently injured because a drunk driver crashed into you, filing suit against him or her could be vital to preserving your long-term prospects.

However, recovering fair compensation following drunk driving car accidents in State College can actually be more complicated than you might expect. Navigating around applicable laws and obtaining the positive case result you want could be much easier with guidance from a skilled motor vehicle collision attorney who has helped other people succeed with similar claims in the past.

Drunk Driving as Grounds for Civil Litigation

Importantly, filing a civil lawsuit is not always necessary following auto accidents in State College, even those stemming from someone else’s drunk driving. All auto insurance companies in Pennsylvania follow a “no-fault” system with regard to medical bills, meaning your own insurance company will pay the first portion of your medical bills, regardless of who was at-fault for the crash.

In the event that an intoxicated driver causes more serious harm to someone else that cannot be fully addressed through his or her insurance, the fact that he or she was intoxicated would be considered legal negligence, which in turn could justify civil litigation.   While some individuals who have selected “limited tort” insurance can be precluded from making a recovery for noneconomic damages – such as pain and suffering, there is an exception to that rule when the at-fault driver is driving while intoxicated.  This requires that the defendant be found guilty, plead guilty, or accept ARD.

During a private initial consultation, an experienced attorney could explain how insurance policies work in more detail and explain what recovery options a person might have.

Proving Someone in State College Was Driving While Intoxicated

Even if someone injured in a drunk driving car wreck in State College has legal standing to file suit, he or she may have trouble recovering comprehensively without conclusive proof that another involved person was intoxicated. In addition to a police report filed at the accident scene that includes a citation for DUI or blood test results, other relevant evidence may include:

  • Traffic or dashboard camera footage;
  • Witness testimony;
  • Receipts from bars or liquor stores; and
  • Debris in or around the vehicle involved, such as empty beer cans.

Additionally, it can be important for people involved in crashes of this nature to take photos and videos of the accident scene if he or she is able, and to both seek medical attention immediately and preserve documentation of treatment received. Beyond just establishing fault for specific injuries, this information will also be key to demonstrating the extent of those injuries and the effects—financial, physical, and personal—they have on a victim’s life.

A State College Attorney Could Help with a Drunk Driving Car Accident Claim

No one deserves to be hurt because another person acted irresponsibly. Driving while impaired by alcohol is one of the most irresponsible behaviors that anyone can exhibit behind the wheel. Fortunately, that person’s intoxication could be grounds for you to file suit against him or her and demand substantial compensation for every form of harm you experienced as a result of an ensuing accident.

Working with legal counsel can be essential to achieving positive case results after drunk driving car accidents in State College. Call Marcus & Mack today for a confidential meeting.

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