When you or someone in your family is paralyzed in an accident caused by someone else, you may be entitled to monetary damages. The negligent person who caused the accident could be liable to pay for your losses and damages.

However, holding the responsible party accountable can be difficult without the help of a dedicated catastrophic injury attorney. A Somerset paralysis injury lawyer at Marcus & Mack will review your case and inform you of your legal rights.

Common Causes of Paralysis

According to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, almost 1 in 50 Americans have some form of paralysis. Many paralysis cases are related to spinal cord injuries. When your spinal cord suffers damage, you could lose strength, sensation, and movement below the injury site. Fractures of the cervical vertebra—a broken neck—can also cause paralysis.

Causes of paralysis besides accidental injuries, include:

  • Stroke;
  • Birth injuries;
  • Muscular dystrophy;
  • Congenital abnormalities; and
  • Mycotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease).

A qualified Somerset paralysis injury attorney could determine if negligence caused an event, even if it was not caused in a traditional motor vehicle accident.

Medical errors can also lead to paralysis. Common mistakes include:

  • Surgical mistakes;
  • Anesthesia injuries;
  • Improper delivery techniques; and
  • Delayed diagnosis of stroke, certain tumors, or other diseases.

When medical personnel behave carelessly or recklessly, resulting in your temporary or permanent paralysis, reach out to our dedicated lawyers for help.

Damages in Paralytic Injury Cases

When you suffer paralytic injuries due to someone else’s negligence, you are entitled to receive financial compensation. Monetary damages cover your economic losses, such as the cost of present and future medical treatment and lost income.

A comprehensive damage award also covers non-economic losses—the intangible losses associated with a severe injury. Although money cannot reimburse pain and suffering, damages could include sums of money to acknowledge the impact the paralysis has on your life. A knowledgeable Somerset paralysis lawyer can present written statements, pictures, or testimony to establish your non-economic losses.

State Law Imposes Strict Time Limits

Under 42 Pa.C.S.A. § 5524, anyone who wants to sue for personal injuries must file a lawsuit within two years of the incident. Additionally, if one of the responsible parties is a government agency, you must notify it of your claim within six months of the injury.

Most lawsuits settle before they get to court, and many claims are settled before a lawsuit is filed. Nevertheless, it is important to remember these time limits, even when you prefer not to sue. Insurance companies will likely offer better settlements if the possibility of being held liable in a lawsuit is presented.

Consult a paralysis injury lawyer in Somerset as soon as possible to ensure that you comply with these deadlines.

Trust a Somerset Paralysis Injury Attorney To File Your Claim

When someone else’s negligence led you to suffer a paralyzing injury, he or she should pay for the harm they caused. Work with a compassionate Somerset paralysis injury lawyer to get your deserved compensation.

There is limited time to act, so do not delay. Reach out today to schedule a free consultation with a committed legal professional at Marcus & Mack.

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