Before sending their children to a daycare center or home daycare provider, most parents extensively research to find the best possible caregivers for their children. They expect that their daycare providers will care for their children and protect them from any harm. Unfortunately, accidents occur at daycare facilities with alarming frequency, and innocent children suffer serious, sometimes life-threatening injuries.

If your child sustained severe harm as a result of an accident at his or her daycare facility, a Western PA daycare injury lawyer could help you pursue a financial recovery in a personal injury lawsuit. A Western PA premises liability attorney at our firm could work aggressively to help you obtain a settlement that could give you the ability to pay for the help that your child needs.

Common Injuries Seen in Indiana Daycares

Just as at home, children at daycares need supervision. When children do not receive the necessary supervision or when the daycare facility is unsafe, children can sustain injuries. Some of the more common injuries that children suffer in daycare accidents include:

  • Choking, particularly on toys or other small objects
  • Burns from negligent supervision around hot objects
  • Broken bones and bruising, often from slipping and falling
  • Serious head injuries, including concussions and other brain damage
  • Neck and back trauma, ranging from minor whiplash to lifelong paralysis
  • Facial injuries, including disfigurement
  • Laceration and permanent scarring
  • Food poisoning or allergic reactions

Most of these daycare injuries occur because a daycare provider makes a negligent, careless, or reckless mistake. It is the burden of a plaintiff to prove how the daycare provider’s negligence or recklessness led to his or her child’s injury.

A compassionate Indiana attorney could also work with survivors of intentional daycare abuse. If a family member suspects that his or her child has suffered a sexual assault or other deliberate mistreatment at the hands of one of his or her daycare providers, a skilled attorney could help get the justice they deserve.

How Do Children Suffer Harm at Daycare Facilities?

To prevail in a claim against a daycare, an injured child’s family needs to show that the daycare provider failed to keep the property or facility reasonably safe for the children. Some of the more common types of negligence or recklessness by daycare providers or facilities include:

  • Facility owner’s failure to properly train teachers
  • Facility owner’s failure to supervise teachers in the classroom
  • Insufficient number of teachers leading to inadequate staff to child ratios
  • Property or facility owner’s failure to remove dangerous hazards from the facility or property

A dedicated attorney in the area could help a parent file a negligence claim against his or her child’s daycare provider. Using their knowledge and experience, Western PA lawyers could help demonstrate how the daycare provider’s negligence or recklessness directly led to the child’s injury while at the daycare center.

Reach Out to a Western PA Daycare Injury Attorney As Soon As Possible

Seeing your child suffer an injury at the place that you trusted to care for him or her is heartbreaking. Let a compassionate Western PA daycare injury lawyer help. Our legal team could meet with you to go over what happened to your child and help you decide whether filing a personal injury claim against the daycare facility is the best decision for your family. Set up a free consultation with Marcus & Mack by calling today.

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