Many people today take advantage of the convenience of online ordering to meet almost all their needs. In addition to purchasing household goods, more and more people use their smartphones to order food. With foodservice companies like Uber Eats, customers can order practically any type of food they want and have a food delivery driver bring it to their door within a short period of time.

Unfortunately, with such an increase in demand for food delivery, there has been a corresponding increase in the number of car crashes involving delivery drivers. You could be entitled to damages if a delivery services driver hit you. An experienced DuBois Uber Eats accident lawyer could review the details of your accident to see if you have a viable legal case.

Uber Eats Drivers Often Rush to Complete Their Deliveries

Uber Eats drivers do not receive paychecks for just reporting to work or based on the number of hours worked. The company only pays them when they complete their deliveries, or they can receive tips from their satisfied customers. The amount of money they earn is based on the number of orders they deliver. If they want to make more money, it is best to accept as many orders and driving requests as possible, and to complete them as quickly as possible.

In addition, delivery drivers often feel pressure to fulfill their orders promptly. When people order food from a restaurant, they want it to arrive fast and expect it to be hot. Delivery drivers often make careless or reckless mistakes while driving in their haste to make good time. They sometimes speed and make unsafe lane changes and passes. For instance, when it is raining or snowing, many people use services like Uber Eats to avoid going out into the bad weather. Uber Eats drivers often pick up and deliver orders in these unsafe driving conditions, leading to more food delivery collisions.

A diligent Uber Eats crash lawyer in DuBois could investigate why a particular accident occurred and determine if the food delivery driver was legally at fault.

Recovering Compensation After a Crash with an Uber Eats Vehicle

Regardless of who caused the wreck, the victim’s personal automobile insurance company is generally responsible for paying his or her medical bills, even if the victim is not at-fault. The victim may be able to present a third party claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier for his or her losses and damages, such as lost wages, medical bills that are not covered by the automobile insurance medical coverage, pain and suffering, scarring, disfigurement, and the loss of life’s pleasures.  A seasoned DuBois Uber Eats attorney could investigate the insurance policies and circumstances of the accident to see if there might be more than one avenue of monetary damages available to an injured individual.

An injured person might be able to look to the individual delivery driver when pursuing financial recovery. Uber Eats requires its drivers to carry certain minimum levels of insurance. If the losses exceed the driver’s personal insurance coverage limits, the victim might be able to look to Uber Eats. However, in most situations, DuBois courts consider Uber Eats drivers to be independent contractors, which means that the company is not generally responsible for the negligence and recklessness of its drivers. The company does carry insurance to cover its drivers, but only in certain, limited situations. The coverage depends on what the driver was doing at the time of the crash.

A knowledgeable legal professional could review the circumstances of the collision to determine the best avenues of legal recourse.

Let a DuBois Uber Eats Accident Attorney Assist You

After a crash, you need time to focus on healing. Filing a legal claim against a giant corporation like Uber Eats is probably the last thing you want to do. However, the proceeds that you could recover could make a massive difference in your quality of your life.

Allow a confident DuBois Uber Eats accident lawyer to take on the challenge of standing up to Uber Eats. They have the practical experience, familiarity with the local laws, and the skills necessary to fight on your behalf. They could work hard and do their best to help you get what you need to help you on the road to recovery. Meet with the legal team at Marcus & Mack today.

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