Few types of personal injuries are more painful or have a greater potential to result in lasting disfigurement than severe burns, especially those that cover large portions of the body. If you sustained a high-degree burn because another person acted irresponsibly, pursuing civil litigation against that individual to hold him or her accountable could be your best and only way of recovering financially from the harm you have experienced.

You give yourself much better odds of securing a positive outcome to your claim by working with a Cambria County catastrophic injury lawyer who has handled burn lawsuits successfully in the past. Once retained, a seasoned Cambria County burn injury lawyer could lend years of experience toward building you the strongest possible case for fair financial compensation.

Identifying Degrees of Burn Injuries

Importantly, an injury sustained in an accident caused by negligence must have been severe enough to warrant professional medical care for a personal injury lawsuit to yield real economic value. The greater the severity of the burn, the more money an insurance companies is likely to pay in a settlement.  First-degree burns—characterized by redness and pain in only the outermost skin layer—generally have lower value, unless they cover a large percentage of the body or impact sensitive areas like the fingertips or groin. First degree burns often heal completely over time with basic first aid, and sometimes without any treatment at all.

Conversely, second-degree burns are more serious injuries that involve damage to both the outer epidermis layer of skin and the inner dermis layer and are characterized by splotchy red and/or white skin discoloration, swelling, blistering, and substantial pain. Without prompt medical treatment, second-degree burns can lead to permanent scarring and loss of nerve function in the affected area.

Third-degree burns are even more serious, as they penetrate completely through both skin layers and cause damage to underlying fat layers, muscle tissue, nerve endings, and even bones. Any burn that results in symptoms like leathery brown or white skin and a noticeable lack of pain should be cause for seeking immediate medical attention, the costs of which a Cambria County attorney could include in a comprehensive settlement demand or lawsuit.

How Long Do You Have to File a Civil Claim After Being Burned?

Like other types of personal injuries, burn injuries are subject to a filing deadline set by a statute of limitations. According to 42 P.S. §5524, most burn victims must file suit no more than two years after the injury first occurs, or else he or she may be barred from seeking any compensation at all for that particular incident.

This is a deceptively short period of time to build an effective claim, particularly one based on a severe burn that will have repercussions for much longer than two years afterward. Ensuring that his or her claim is filed within this deadline is one of many reasons why working with a qualified lawyer can be crucial for anyone who experiences a burn injury in Cambria County.

Contact a Cambria County Burn Injury Attorney Today

Getting burned in an accident resulting from negligent behavior can be a traumatic experience even if you can ultimately heal from your injuries completely with time and proper medical care. In more serious situations, pursuing compensation from the party responsible for your injury could be key not only to limiting the financial impact of your accident, but also to improving your quality of life in the long term.

A knowledgeable Cambria County burn injury lawyer’s assistance could prove vital to protecting your rights and interests after an incident of this nature. Learn more by calling Marcus & Mack today.

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